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Change The Lives Of Our Children

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Childhood obesity has become a source of concern for the health of adolescents and children. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines obesity as any child with a Body Mass Index (BMI) at or over the 95th percentile. The trend of childhood obesity in America is overwhelming with an increase of nearly 20 percent in our children and adolescents since 1980 (CDC, 2013). Recent studies have shown childhood obesity is at 17% for 2-19 year olds. Obesity in children is a contributing factor of hypertension, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Studies have shown that 70% of obese children have one and 39% have two risk factors of CVD (CDC, 2012). With the prevalence of childhood obesity in American children, long term and short term health effects can be drastically influenced by the popularity of fast food, amount of physical activity and parental influence. Children can be conditioned to lead an unhealthy life.
The increased availability of fast food has changed, so should our eating habits. Children who consume fast food on a regular basis three or more times a week have a caloric intake of 187 calories more per day than children that visit fast food less frequently. With the number fast food establishment increasing from 30,000 to 233,000 from 1970 to 2004 an increase of 676, while the amount of money Americans spend on fast food annual has increased from 25% to 47.5% during the same period of time; with no indications that there will be a decrease in fast food spending over the next 6 years (Rosenheck, 2008). This change in eating habits makes being conscious of the nutritional values of food while dinning out increasingly more important.
How physical activity curve the effects of obesity in children and adolescents. Physical activity is a key component in the fight against obesity; studies of sedentary behaviors has indicated a higher chance of Obesity when children exceed the American Medical Associations recommended maximum of two hours per day of screen time (i.e. watching TV, playing video games, PDAs) (Prentice-Dunn & Prentice-Dunn, 2012). Davison et al,(2013) Analyses showed the increase of physical activity as little as 5 minutes per day combined with a decrease in television viewing time by 40 minutes, combined with healthy food choices can reduce the rate of obesity from 18.4% to 13.9%(PG 7). The comparison of children’s physical activity during moderate versus vigorous plus moderate activity show a significant disparity between the number of children and adolescents defined as obese and non-obese (J Sch ealth, 2011). The play 60 associated with...

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