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Accept it or dead slowly
You know in your heart that you want to add this proposal of ring road to this community. Ring road is absent to make so many things easier in urban areas. It’s not gone take 30 minutes of crossing the road. You probably had the moments where you wait 30 minutes to just go one side of the road to another. Don’t you want this all to be terminated? And yearned you want be safe around the community not be scared by over speeding car? Wouldn't you hunger, pollution to be reduced from this area? In your heart you know you want this new road my purposed of writing this portion to show you why we should accept the ring road and what are their benefits? By accepting the ring ...view middle of the document...

So prosper town council has considered building a ring road that would divert highway traffic around the town. This is a way to reduce pollution. We can't compete get rid of the pollution, but by doing that we can eliminate the problem. The main thing is to make all the people understand the importance of this issue. The research had showed that vehicle traffic is a primary source of carbon monoxide pollution in an urban area that is really bad for the human body. The physical effect are that headaches, sore eye and nasal congestion. The other pollution is noise pollution had contributed to sleep disorders irritability and high blood, heart disease, just because of the highway. And slowly the Increase in the number of vehicles in cities is one of the main reasons for air pollution. The carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas are very harmful both for health and the atmosphere. It is about time everyone woke up and worked as a single cohesive unit against the pollution. Being aware of its bad effects has to be more than enough to work on pollution reduction, by accepting the ring road we can stop the spread of pollution from destroying our...

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