Changes And New Traditions In The Modern American Family

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Families today in America are changing by the year. New traditions and values are made everyday and each family has their own way in expressing themselves. Throughout the decades familes have changed drastically and therefore new morals and values have been made. There are many similarities and differences on how families have evolved during the decades. There are also many views and perspectives that one can take on why there was an evolutionary change in the family structure.First of all, families have changed very much over the years and many aspects do not remain the same today. Although there have been changes there are still many similarities that can been seen in the ideal nuclear familiy. Families still have a loving bond toward one another and help eachother out during hard times. This is a value ...view middle of the document...

They also try their best to help eachother out the best that they can and give them advice in hard situations.Next, there are many obvious differences that can be seen between familes today and familes years ago that shows an evolutionary change in the family structure of modern society. Recent families have seemed to grow apart and have become less affectionate to one another verus families from decades ago. Most familes today don't sit down all together and eat dinner like people did years ago. This is because familes are drifting apart and are not as traditional as they once were. Families are also different today because in many families the mother works to provide the family with money. This is different from before because years ago the dominate male of the family made the money and he was also the one that paid the bills and took care of the house. Also many times in familes, everyone has their own personal life that is in some cases considered more imortant than their own family. This is a huge difference in family structure that was unheard of in familes long ago.Lasty, there are many views and perspectives that one can take on why there was an evolutionary change in the family structure. I believe that there was a change in the way that families act towards one another because of the agents of socialization. People are easily influenced by other things such as peers and media and other traits start to rub off on people and they act different in their family. Family structure is always changing and is inevitable.In conclusion, familes have changed drastically through-out the decades and are going to continue to do so forever. Familes are very different from those years ago but the basics of a family can still be seen and understood. Years from now familes today will seem weird and out-dated as we see familes from years ago. This is just part of the evolutionary change of the family structure.

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