Changes Of The Roles Of Men And Women In The Last 30 Years

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Changes of the Roles of Men and Women in the Last 30 years

The roles of men and women have changed in the last 30 years. In this
report I intend to explain what the roles of men and women were like
30 years ago and what the roles of men and women are like now. I will
also give details of why these changes have occurred.

30 years ago the roles of women were very different to that of today.
At the start of our nation's history, women were socialized to attend
exclusively to home and family tasks.

For a woman, marriage was considered to be a girl's destiny. Their
academic curriculum reflected preparing girls for their life as a
housewife and a mother, having domestic sciences instead of the more
academic sciences boys took. Most girls left school as early as
possible, as qualifications were not seen as necessary.

Women were economically dependent on their husbands, as they usually
gave up work when they got married. Women had less power inside and
outside the home.

Gradually they were allowed access into previously denied educational
and occupational opportunities, if they wanted to pursue these
personal goals.

Men were the sole bread-winners. They were also the disciplinarians,
which meant women had even less power.

'Father' worked hard, demanded respect and obedience from his
children, and saw little profit in personally involving himself in
their nurturance. The image of father was a role model. About 1969,
Social Learning Theory posed the father conceptually as the role model
for masculine traits in their children. Sons learned to be men from
their fathers, daughters learned to want this type of man for
boyfriends and husbands (Bandura, 1969; Skolnick, 1992).

30 years on there has been a lot of progress for women, for example
equal wages, which is because of the legal pay act, which has in turn
led to there being much more women in the workforce. More and more
women want to stay on at education, as the subjects are the same for
males and females, and there is much more...

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