Changes In Baseball From The Early 1600's Through To Today

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Year 10 Physical EducationMajor ProjectChanges in Baseball from the early 1600's through to TodayNicholas BarryContentsPage 1 - Front Page Page 2 - Contents Page 3 - Introduction Page 4-6 - Relevant Issues Page 7 - Conclusion Page 8 - BibliographyIntroductionThere have been many changes in baseball since the early 1600's, when the game was know as rounders and in some ways was similar to the modern game of baseball. Some of the changes in the game of baseball include the clothing worn, the equipment used, the rules and the public image of the game. For example a change in equipment used in the game of baseball is, the baseball's now have a cowhide covering rather than, before 1975, baseball's had a horsehide covering. Some of these changes have come about through people being more safety conscious and doing what looks good in the public eye, and as baseball is a very popular sport and is watched by many people, what the spectators think affects how the game is played. Most of the changes in baseball have affected the game in a good way, for example in 1971 a rule change required all players wear protective helmets, this change didn't detract from the sport, and it just made it safer and more enjoyable.Changes in Baseball Clothing and EquipmentThe current clothing and equipment worn and used by modern Baseballers is quite different to the clothing and equipment worn and used by Baseballers that played in the last 2 centuries.Since 1876, over 4,000 different uniform styles have been worn by Major League Baseballers. In the early 1900's baseball uniforms were made of wool flannel or a blend of wool and cotton. These uniforms were heavy and hot compared to uniforms worn today and the players still played with the same vigor and enthusiasm. By the 1940's the uniforms' weight had reduced by half but still had the same shrinkage and durability problems. In the 60's a WOOL / ORLON blend was made and was called the "ultimate" material for baseball flannels. Only 10 years later a double-knit material was made and in many ways was better than the flannels, it was lighter, more attractive, cooler, more comfortable and more durable. This is the material that uniforms used by Baseballers today are made of.The colours of uniforms have been similar over the time that baseball has started to be played, the home team wears white uniforms and the away team gray uniforms. The patterns on uniforms have been changing constantly over the years, with each team having unique uniforms. In 1907 pinstripes were introduced by the Chicago cubs and they have been used in many different forms and colours since.The baseball cap has been worn since the birth of major league baseball. The styles of caps changed in the late 1800's and the early 1900's but in recent decades the style has been much the same with only minor enlargements to the sun visorChanges in the rules of BaseballThe rules of baseball have evolved from the original Knickerbocker Rules that were first used in 1845...

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