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Changes In Gender Roles Essay

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Over time, differences in gender relations have changed in such a vast pace all over the world. In contrast to the 20th century both genders have alternated so differently since the birth of civilizations. Labor was organized by gender, with males responsible for hunting and protection of the group, while females gathered food from plants. Evolution has alternated roles and has signified some major changes since, with wars, expansion and climate changes, roles have changed since.
Human development in the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages was the rise of settled agricultural communities during the Neolithic, being one of the first great transformations of human society. The success of Homo sapiens was due to the ability that permitted the use of tools, physical abilities of early humans, and the intelligence that allowed the development of language, allowing groups of humans to engage in interdependent behavior. One of the earliest cultural traditions of Homo sapiens was the use of fire for cooking, for curing animal shelter, for making weapons, and as a source of heat and light. By the late Paleolithic age, human groups practiced mixed hunting and gathering. The surviving technology of this period consists of stone tools, the earliest of which date back more than two million years. Later Paleolithic human culture also factored artistic materials. The most impressive early works of art were cave paintings that may have had religious importance. It is also possible that these early works of art were basic calendars or counting schemes. Around this time the position of women in agricultural communities were refused, rights were denied. Men took over difficult tasks of agriculture and began to exclude the use of the newer tools.
The first full civilizations that arose in the Tigris Euphrates and Nile valleys were both reliant on the river systems around which they organized, but Mesopotamian civilization changed from Egyptian in many ways. By 1000 B.C.E., both of these civilizations had started to come down, but they produced smaller civilizations depending on their contributions. Movements of invasions by Indo-Europeans marked a break with the more ancient civilizations. Hunters and herders from central Asia, the Indo-Europeans introduced the use of iron and more powerful weapons. The separation of the ancient civilizations brought new ideas, elective kingship and new political constitutions. There was also persistence, including key technologies, basic science and math, as well as religious, architectural, and musical ideas. It has also been argued that cultures under Mesopotamian influence in the West and Middle East came to view humanity as separate from nature, in different to Indian and East Asian cultures.
In Greek culture, achievements rested on four major principles. Greek political life was enclosed in political theory, which allowed it to survive and influence consecutives civilizations. Art and sculpture served to better human...

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