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Running head: CHANGES IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTChanges in Human Resource ManagementYour Name HereUniversity of PhoenixChanges in Human Resource ManagementThere have been many changes in human resource management. This paper will show how the role of human resource management has changed due to globalization, technology, e-business, diversity and ethics.Globalization:Companies are finding that in order to survive they must compete in international markets as well as fend off foreign competitors attempts to gain ground in the United States (Chapter 2). This changes the job of the human resource manager from compliance, benefits and compensation, to being an important part of the company's team to achieve their goals. Now in addition to providing the right staff to meet the needs of the local customers, human resource managers (HRM) must hire some of their employees from other countries. HRM will also have to choose the right employees to send to other countries to work. These two factors make understanding and considering the customs of the people in those countries another important part of HRM.Technology:Advances in technology are making it easier for companies to hire employees globally. This technology will allow for putting access to colleges for training and telephone call centers in places as remote as small villages in Africa which will give the villagers an opportunity to earn an income for their families. Most likely these people will be very motivated and loyal employees, grateful for the opportunity to work and willing to work at lower wages making this a very smart move on the part of the organization. This will increase productivity and allow for a higher profit margin. Advances in technology are also very helpful for HRM. These advances make it possible for information about employees to be properly stored and easily accessible for HRM. The information is usually stored in a system called human resource information system or HRIS. An HRIS can support strategic decision making, help the organization avoid lawsuits, provide data for evaluating programs or policies, and support day-today HR decisions (Chapter 2). Some of the information stored in the HRIS and used by HRM is the internet portal, shared service centers, application service provider and business intelligence. These programs help HRM keep track of labor costs and productivity as well as provide computerized learning systems. HRIS is also used to help alert HRM when employees need to be trained on new technology.E-Business:Advances in technology also changes the way the consumer does business with an organization. Millions of people prefer to do business over the internet which makes electronic-business or e-business another important function of HRM. E-business makes in necessary for HRM at the dot-coms to recruit and...

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