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Changes In Microsoft´S Operation And Management

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Microsoft, a company founded by Bill Gates has, in the last couple of years seen a number of changes in its mode of operation. Traditionally Microsoft has been in the business of producing computer-based products exclusively (Byrnes, 2010). In the light of changing technology, globalisation and changing consumer tastes and preferences change has become in the tech-giant company. In the fast-paced world of technology, consumers are actively switching to the new touchscreen laptops and tablets, which are the replacement to conventional computers. These contemporary computers require operating systems and software that are entirely different from what was in use formerly. As means of keeping up this trend, and in order to address these new customer preferences, Microsoft has embarked on developing mobile based applications, which is a change from the traditional focus on personal computers. Just as the case is with other organisational changes, the change at Microsoft has had profound effects on the organisational management, employees, and customers. This paper focuses on assessing the impact of this change at Microsoft, and gives an analysis of how the change could have been handled more effectively and efficiently.
Defining Microsoft’s change, is the release of the first windows for mobile; windows 8 in 2012. Following this release was the windows 8 mobile, which was to be used with the new operating system for mobile phones (History, 2013). The success of windows 8 lies on its Tile designed screen, which makes it suitable for smartphone and tablet PC users. The success of this change leaves a great tale behind.
Impacts of the change
1. To management
First, the change took place in complete secrecy, taking both PC and mobile users by surprise during its launch. While announcing this change, Steven Sinofsky, termed the move as a new frontier to changing the computing experience while enhancing how we interact with computers. One key factor leading to this change was the need to increase the company’s customer base. Apparently, the PC market was saturated, and the management needed scout for new ways for the company’s sustainable growth. Besides, customers were rapidly shifting for computers to tablets and smartphone making the business of developing apps for the industry lucrative.
Keen on addressing these issues, the company’s management had to react fast, and this is how the birth of windows 8 surfaced. One main impact this change had management, is coping with competition from the established mobile app developers: android from Google and apple. Commanding a considerable market share was a daunting task for management. Statistics from the industry show that, android, the leading mobile app provider, releases between 10,000 and 140,000 new apps every month. Windows 8 released only 200, 000 apps in the first year of its operation which is far below the trendsetters, android. Windows 8 was also built to support only Microsoft specific apps, which...

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