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Changes In Politics And Ideologies Throughout Time

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Politics and Ideologies
In the beginning politics was a way to discussion situations and shape the path of the country. Think of the Pilgrims and the founding fathers, their use of politics started this country on a course not taken by many other nations. The understanding and realization that politics can be more than just a bill or law to establish order led many to intermingle ideological perceptions with politics. This change in politics can be both a positive and a negative change. Holding ideological perspectives, while important to have, can cause a hindrance in the political process. Take a look at the recent news, Arizona’s State Senate and House passed a bill, and is now ...view middle of the document...

Attack ads like this still exist in today’s political scene and can be just as vicious.
Hans Noel (2009) acknowledges, “Pundits had begun by 1930 to align their positions on race and economics in the now familiar ideological pattern: Progressive intellectuals were becoming both pro-civil rights and antibusiness.” The combination of ideological thinking and politics can cause a situation where a news story about civil rights can escalate from reporting facts on the subject to personal believes of the writer being added and treated as solid evidence rather than the writer’s ideals. A writer and editor are charged with distributing political information without placing a personal spin on it. This task becomes more and more difficult daily. How does a writer, whose personal views put him or her at odds with the story, he or she is charged with reporting, put this information out to the general public without putting personal views into the piece? It can be done, take the late Tim Russert for example, Tim’s passion for politics and getting to the reasoning and logic behind the politics is what made him so great at his job. This ability is why Mr. Russert was able to book guests from both sides of the political isle on his show Meet the Press every Sunday morning.
A good political writer is able to accomplish the task of providing an unbiased political view by remembering that presenting information based solely on facts and not personal opinion is his or her job. Eliminating terms that can be construed as showing favoritism to certain groups or belittling the concerns and feelings of another group will also allow the writer and editor to reach a wider audience base. While this can prove to be a difficult task, a writer and editor know that a good political article will prompt discussion from both sides of the argument and only then can a possible center ground be found on difficult issues. Politics can be a heated, personal mess, but it can exist in a way so that no one is being personally attacked for different points of view.
Bloom and Dallyn (2011) assert, “In contemporary political theory, the analysis of politics and social relations tends to rest on an opposition between openness and...

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