Changes In Sleep Patterns During Adolescence

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According to Lazaratou, Dikeos, Anagnostopoulos, Sbokou and Soldatos (2005, p.237) “many biological as well as psychological and social changes occur during adolescence, making this period one of the most critical and unstable during life (M, P, DFD & W 1976; Ph 1981)”. One of the changes is sleep-wake patterns, from which this statement is supported by Yang, Kim, Patel and Lee (2005) “Sleep/wake patterns change throughout life. In particular, childhood sleep patterns change dramatically from preadolescence to adolescence” (p.250). This patterns may be influenced by many factors that will be discussed later.
Sleep deprivation somehow relate to the patterns. Sleep-wake patterns is controlled by circadian rhythm which is defined as the natural cycle of day and night that have most pervasive influences on human behavior because it creates the 24-hour rhythm of sleep and wakefulness and the alternation between the two states (Edery, 2000; Enright, 1980; Minors & Waterhouse, 1985). Jundell (1904) concluded that circadian curves would be determined by morningness and eveningness. Wuth (1931) characterized morning types as the individuals who are fatigued in the evening, sleep early, wake up early in the morning and perform the best during morning whereas evening types are the vice versa. Even though the literatures were acceptable, they were irrelevant nowadays.
The students’ lifestyle nowadays are completely different from the previous one. As the developments move faster from day to day, the students are expected to follow the current trend. They have so many things to do yet so little time they have. It is, however regrettable that many researchers revealed that this packed schedules lead to sleep deprivation among students. This is due to the poor perception of the students itself towards sleep. “Sufficient sleep is the amount necessary to permit optimal daytime functioning” (cited in RE, 1999, p. 354). AR and MA (1998) (as cited by Noland, Price, Dake and Telljohann) concurred with MA, K, P et al. (1980) (as cited by Hirokuni, Makoto, Takashi et al.) based on the duration of sleep each night for adolescents (in this context the students) which is slightly more than 9 hours. However, the duration may differ slightly among individuals. If the students obtain sleep below than 8 hours, they have insufficient sleep, from which may result in sleep deprivation. American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) (2008) highlighted the definition of sleep deprivation as the condition when the individuals obtain insufficient sleep. AASM also stated that this sleep disorder is common among adolescents without any exception for males and females. Many literatures shown that sleep deprivation only brings destruction to human bodies without any benefits out of it. The consequences of sleep deprivation comprise the human functioning as a whole, regardless in what scopes they perform. As from the students scope, the sleep deprivation affects academic and cognitive...

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