Changes In The Minotaur As Time Passes

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The Minotaur is portrayed as a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man. It is easy to perceive why people are afraid to make eye contact with the Minotaur since his mere looks are enough to kill. After escaping the labyrinth, the Minotaur, despite his frightening look is not a violent creature. Both the Minotaur who was locked in the labyrinth and the Minotaur who escapes the labyrinth share several similarities such as: the need for love and the inability to speak properly, however also have a number of differences such as: perceiving the value of human life and working.
The Minotaur locked in the labyrinth is a filthy creature intent on killing anyone in the labyrinth. Any ...view middle of the document...

4). The monster inside the labyrinth is merciless and will eat raw flesh, but this conveys that the Minotaur wants affection despite his dreadful actions. How can the Minotaur be fond of human beings if they despise him because of his looks? The Minotaur devours other human beings because he has no other choice; he is repressing his true feelings by wolfing down other human beings.
The Minotaur outside of the labyrinth, despite his new freedom to roam the earth, is still unable to attain a sense of attachment with anyone. Details about The Minotaur from the novel, The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, explicitly show the Minotaur is a lonesome creature desiring love as shown by the following: “The minotaur listens. And he sits there on his stoop until Hank and Josie finally separate… until they pry their flesh apart and succumb to sleep” (Sherrill 89). The Minotaur is not opposed to watching anyone make love. He is willing to endure any circumstance, while many of his circumstances would be considered awkward by most people, to attain compassion from others. One cannot help but feel sorry for the Minotaur because he belongs with neither the bull species nor the human species.
In addition, the Minotaur’s physical appearance makes it difficult for him to speak properly. Since the Minotaur has a bull’s head, his larynx or otherwise known as voice box will not allow him to speak proper words. The Minotaur in the labyrinth has no motive to speak because he would devour the unfortunate Athenians sent to him every nine years in order to survive.
The Minotaur outside the labyrinth is quick to realize that talking is essential to surviving. Despite his reasoning, the Minotaur cannot change his physical appearance; as a result, he still cannot communicate effectively. The only improvement made by the Minotaur, outside the labyrinth, is that he is able to use his body language and occasional grunts to get by with the public (Sherrill 20). A significant reason as to why the Minotaur is unable to find affection from other human beings is that he cannot have a normal conversation with others, and the Minotaur is painfully self-conscious of this. Due to his inability to speak properly, the Minotaur is awkward among women and taciturn around men.
Moreover, there are many behavioral differences between the Minotaur inside the labyrinth and the Minotaur outside the labyrinth. For one, the Minotaur is able to perceive the value...

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