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World War one lasted from 1914 to 1919 and the United States played a huge role in this war. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the nephew of the Austria-Hungry emperor was the start of this war. The assassin was from Serbia who allied with Russia while Austria-Hungry allied with Germany. During this war both sides had different plans of attack to help the troops and ultimately win the war.
Both of these plans were meant to hold the other side back, but when both plans were in play at the same time, it stopped the forward movement that the plan was supposed to do. Because of the hold up both sides began to dig trenches, these trenches would become the place where the ...view middle of the document...

C. Metropolitan area where four planes were high jacked and each plane was meant to hit four different targets. These targets were the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, both the north and the south towers, and the fourth plane was headed towards Washington D.C. The first three planes hit their target killing many people, those who were on the planes and those who were in the buildings. The fourth plane was thrown off course by passengers who fought back and crashed in a field near Pennsylvania killing all of the passengers on board. After these attacks the U.S. planned to invade Iraq and overthrow Sadaam Hussein.
The U.S linked the 9/11 Al-Qaeda terrorist attack is associated to Osama Bin Laden. By the time the U.S. linked the attacks to Bin Laden Iraq was rumored to have chemical and biological weapons and where starting to pursue nuclear weapons. These rumors made the U.S. government uneasy and received permission from Iraq to obtain inspections. During this time the Iraq government was very unstable. Many terrorist attacks were happening every day in Iraq, and they wanted the U.S to help them restore order to their government. Many others in Iraq were against the US helping them and would kill powerful people and US military personnel to show their hate.
The US decided to began a “surge” and send more US military power into Iraq to help the government. This did not work right away but as time went on there were less terrorist attacks and not as many suicide bombings. The Iraqi government decided that in 2011 they would have the US troops withdraw out of Iraq.
World war one used machine guns and trench warfare. This lead to many soldiers dying because of diseases that they got from being in the trenches with rats, blood, and dead bodies. They...

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