Changes Made In An Instant Write A Cause And Effect Essay

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I had just finished my studies for the day at school and was waiting for my fiancé, who had already picked my children (ages two and three) up from daycare, to come and get me. He was thirty minutes late, which was very unusual. My fiancé had this habit of always arriving early or right on time.Suddenly, I heard sirens. Then I saw an ambulance go flying down the highway. At that moment, my heart flew into my throat and I was afraid I knew the reason why my fiancé was late. A few long seconds later, a woman came running into the building, calling my name. I immediately grabbed my book bag and ran out the door with her. I got into the car and rode with her to the scene of the accident. The ambulance was already there, along with a fire truck and a police car. I watched in terror as the fire fighters cut my family out of the car. My son was the first one out of the wreckage. He was crying, but did not seem to be seriously injured. My daughter was the second to be pulled out. She was also crying, but I sensed that something more might be wrong with her. My fiancé was the last to come out of the twisted vehicle. He had not been wearing a seat belt and was gravely injured. They life flighted him from the scene to Oklahoma City. Both of my children seemed to be in fairly good shape at the scene, so they were sent by ambulance to the nearest hospital, and I was allowed to ride with them.On the way to the hospital, my daughter started becoming more and more listless. She stopped crying, wasn’t talking, and started gasping for air. The driver got on the radio and told the hospital to get life flight in the air. I watched in shock as the EMT cut her clothes off of her to gain quick access, starting an IV, and putting an oxygen mask on her. By the time we reached the...

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690 words - 3 pages their range of motion. Physical Therapy helps patients to regain and maintain movement and functional ability throughout their daily routines. It includes provisions of services such as circumstances where movement and function is threatened by an injury, process of ageing or disease. Physical therapy is a health care specialty which treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the interaction with movement. It specializes in evaluating

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848 words - 3 pages What does change mean? It means to make different or to alter. A change that I have recently undergone is getting a new job at the Kid's Club Daycare in Rock Rapids, Iowa. The causes for my job change are money, hours, and the dislike I had for my last job. Everyone experiences changes in their life, some minor to major, but I would consider a new job a pretty major change. Starting at the Kid's Club has been a good change for me, and it also

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569 words - 2 pages be that people try to hard to keep problems from happening. Mr. Cousin's essay is way out of line. There are some freakish people in the world put there is not so many were you can have the right to write an essay on a generation who dresses poorly, like violence, and have dull feelings. There are so many people in the world who are no were near like the people in Cousin's essay. I do not find self or the people around me in any way like the people talked about in his essay. Maybe Cousins is writing how he sees the world, but I do not see how he could see such a great place as earth so bad. Maybe I just don't see what he sees.

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