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Changes Of Cultural Identity Essay

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What determines identity? Dictionaries describes it as, “the fact of being who or what a person it.” However what makes you who you are? Or better yet, what you are? Your name, and the way you look make up the “who”, of whom you are; just the same, religion, culture and beliefs makes up the what. Joseph Boyden’s Three Day Road was strongly based on the relationship between Xavier Bird and Elijah Whiskeyjack. It illustrates how their native cultural identity changes throughout the novel and shapes their personal identity into becoming something monstrous. Xavier becomes the person he loathed Elijah for being, and loses his most treasured morals, while Elijah loses all his culture and transforms into the type of being that harmed him as a child. Elijah’s self-identity is shaped through a battlefield setting, not only in war but in residential schooling. He learns to adapt to the new environment in order to survive, while Xavier’s was shaped in a home setting. The differences between the two boys help shape the similarities of them in the end. The three main key factors that differentiate Elijah’s and Xavier’s identity is their respect for Oji-Cree culture, their respect and love for other human beings, and their general personality traits. In the end, the culture of war has the biggest effect on their self-identity and changes Xavier into the monster he so desperately did not want to become.

Raised in an Oji-Cree household by Niska, a medicine woman of Oji-Cree decent, Xavier had an abundance of aboriginal culture in his lifestyle, he speaks almost pure Cree language and knows very little English; only enough to be able to communicate with the other soldiers, which is very little; the white soldiers only accept Elijah. Xavier’s close association with his aboriginal culture is shown through the novel when he speaks to himself as a narrator. “All of them stare down at me. I look up, sitting cross-legged with one of the horses sprawled beside me, its head on my lap. I look like I’ve been painted red. The smell of blood is heavy. It covers the wooden walls, the floor, the straw upon the floor. Elijah sees that one of my hands rests on the floor with my skinning knife in it. The horse’s neck gapes open along its big artery.” (Page 189) Having respect for animals is a major part of the Oji-Cree morals. The respect for animals shows the emotions compassion and love, if Xavier’s morals were against cruelty to wild animals there is an obvious assumption that he would also be against cruelty against other human beings as well. This is a key factor into how he loses his morals, and compassion towards the end, and shows the differences between Xavier and Elijah’s values for life. For instance, the scene on 238-239 with the birds was a good reinforcement of Elijah’s betrayal of the ideologies of his heritage. He tries to convince Xavier to follow Breech’s orders to knock down the birds nest that Xavier had watched all afternoon, “fascinated.” Elijah...

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