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Changes Over The Years Essay

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My mother use to tell me “When I was young the things your generation is doing now couldn’t fly back then." everything was different back in the day the clothing, the level of respect, and technology. People worked, and moved out their mom’s house as soon as they turned eighteen. On the Other hand, the 2000 generation still stays with their parents at the age of 25 and does not have jobs. Some people tend to not have jobs because of drugs. However, both of the generations have done drugs, and some are still doing them till this day.

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The Hairstyles Was Even Different Back in the Day they curled there hair and was wearin there real hair, but now everyone is wearing weave with different bright color hairstyles. Things Changed Over Time, But In the 2000s there are some people who tries to bring the old school back. Some people dress like the people back in the day all the time and it looks really cool.
"The level of respect has really changed over time Parents would say." Back In the Day People Had so much respect for Authority, And wouldn't disrespect them because some was liable to beat the kids even if the kid was not their child. The new Generation doesnt have so much respect for their elders, and now it's difference because they can't put there hands on nobody if there not their child. You can't even hit your child to hard In public or they can take them a foster home. Both Generations However has people who does look out for eldery, help them, and respects authority.
Back Then People was Tuned in With Reality. There WAsnt so much technology like their Is Now. In The new Generations There's New Technology like smart phones, new play station games, tv, and even the computers. Back in the day there was old computers, beat down tv, and that one Mario Nintendo game ever one use to play . The game look like a tape People had to put in, but now the games come on CDs. In the new generation people can't go a minute without their phone, or won't leave the house all day because their playinG a game. Even though both gnerations had games Back in the day people made their own games outside playing kickback,hide and seek , and all the rest of the outside games. Now nobody have time to play games outside no more because of the new distractions.
In conclusion Life Has changed overtimed. People in the 2000s should be thankful for what they have now because the things they have now didn't exist back then. Both Generations have a good, and bad impact on life, but its up to the person to have their own impact on their life. When people put on their clothes it's an impression of how they feel so noone should judge them. Everyone no matter what age should always respect their elders.

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