Changes To North Carolina Mental Health Systems

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1. Where did the impetus for change seem to come from in this case? What was the significant of that implementation?
The change occurred when North Carolina received a grant for their mental health systems to help them run more independently. State Auditor’s 2000 report Study of the State Psychiatric Hospitals and the Area Mental Health Programs, was the most important factor in helping these facilities. The State Auditor’s report was used as in attempt to put forth a blueprint for transforming the system. By setting out a number of new directions, innovative ideas, changes in structure and a process for bringing together the key elements of the system in an implementation process over five ...view middle of the document...

A project manager is a professional in the field of project management. Project directors are good with planning and executing so they would easily be able to induce chance because they work in team formation. Weakness is not everyone is a team player and some plans cannot go along as planned.
3. What is the implication of focusing on a target population for community health centers then organized along the 1970s model? What are the implications of that change for the existing systems?
Mental health policymakers overlooked the difficulty of finding resources to meet the needs of a marginalized group of people living in scattered sites in the community. Implications of changes in financing will need to be measured and unsuspected responses should be assessed promptly when they occur. A shortage of community resources will eventually mean that it may be necessary to preserve institutional beds primarily until community care is expanded. Structure in an important consumer role in policymaking, monitoring and evaluation has proven to be a valuable source of input in mental health policy advocacy. Particularly in politics who review the demographic pressure on long-term care services establishments. Deinstitutionalization accelerated nationwide due to the federal government in the late 1960s and 1970s. During this time Medicaid and Medicare were created with coverage for a range of services including components of the mental health field. Supplemental Security Income also made an appearance for the mentally ill. (Koyanagi, 2007)

4. How effective would stakeholder consortia be at inducing changes in treatment modalities by providers?
Stakeholders group consists of suppliers, purchasers, administrators, and researchers who work together through a comprehensive assessment to help develop and implement valid outcome measures to foster accountability to ensure practice change, so the effectiveness of their input is highly recommended. This group helps decide on whether or not improving evidence-based quality of care could be achieved by increasing the use of treatments of demonstrated effectiveness, or if by reducing the use of treatments that have been shown to be ineffective or detrimental to care. Stakeholders must look at the big picture and be able to identify barriers to the operation of evidence-based treatments and how these barriers can be addressed, be able to identify the...

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