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Changes To Society In Brave New World

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In modern day now women are able to genetically choose what they’re baby would be like. Sperm banks are required to have a profile of each man that donates sperm. This gives the opportunity to women to choose what kind of characteristics their baby would inherit. Which this concept ties into brave new world. In the book they are created by machine basically but multiple eggs will produce more than 40 or about 40. But if you were going to be high class you would be created by one egg. And he high class people were in control of what kind of people they needed. If you weren’t going to be all there you would be injected with alcohol etc. It was a world that was controlled and cruel. Such as ...view middle of the document...

But with all the things science are creating it’s so hard for people not to try to see if things actually work. For example people try to make sure they’re babies do not come out with any deformities. And if they do science has come up with a way to convince people to take an injection that would mess with the babies DNA strand and take off one chromosome which would make them normal to the society. Where there is a will there is always a way. It’s like practically cloning a human. Why colon a human when there is only suppose to be one of you. What is the purpose of all of these mutation, cloning, and engineering with trying to change the way some one is made. Referring back to the brave new world in the book John is meant to be an alpha-plus which means that he is higher in society due to the fact that he was born by one egg and one sperm cells but he believes that everything must be earned. Such a rank, a better life, etc. This is correct because, in society now everything isn’t handed to you. Your suppose to work for it. You have to work your way up the corporate ladder or in any business ladder what so ever. When getting promoted in modern society you don’t just continue to get promoted you work for numerous of months or years. Showing that you’ve earned the position you are getting. Also referring to when john states “You earn a better life”. Society can agree that everyone earns their place in the world. In brave new world it clearly doesn’t demonstrate that you have to earn what you are given. Just because they were assembled by one egg and one sperm they were given a higher rank in society. This is absolutely absurd. Genetic engineering takes a big part of these issues in the book. It’s like technology is taking over God’s purpose of creating humans. The creator of all human beings on this planet. Society would have to say that why take god’s purpose of giving life. He can take life as well people in the brave new world only life 70 years old. Why is everyone given a short life span? There are so many ways that this book can be taken. Such as Technology taking over society. It feels like it shows the future for the modern society. Maybe in a couple of years society will be nothing but robots. Due to the fact technology is so advance now and days. You can practically do anything from using machines to get rid of illness to also cloning the small things already. Cars are being invented to float in the air now. So you would think that in about 20 or 40 years you would be able to assemble humans and make them what you want them to be not what others perceive them to be. Technology will expand to the point where there won’t be society at all. Where technology will consume us where we will pointless to even be on this planet. Where we will be just taking up matter even living. Once we get to that point nothing else will matter. Brave new world shows in text how society is and how the society is created. Always referring back to the book...

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