Changes To The Way Real Estate Is Done In Baja

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Through the Mexican Association of Realtors, AMPI a National Association, AMPI San Felipe Realtors have made changes in the way they do business in San Felipe. Uria Amor, President of AMPI SF says, "For the last 3 years our association has assure clients a high standard of professionalism. All our 14 members have signed and agreed to the same code of ethics. This allows us to work well together each knowing that the properties listed have titles and disclosures representing the properties states. Working in a transparent way we share our property listings giving Sellers all 14 Real Estate agents all out there finding a buyer for their property”.

When I started Amor Property Real Estate in San Felipe over 10 years ago, I saw that more clients wanted exclusive listings and wanted to be taken care of as they were use to in the US.
Of course the paperwork here in Baja is so different then the US and also in the main land of Mexico. The procedures, time lines and the business cultures take a lot of follow-up. Amor Property over several years has created a team of professionals who can effectively deliver a sales transaction completed in a timely manner.

Some property owners may think it’s easy to sell Property in Baja Mexico just make a flyer, putting up a sign and use social media. The truth is none of these tools sell Real Estate property.
They capture leads and get the word out but selling a property in this market takes constant follow up and a lot of work. If it were that simple everyone would be doing it.

Agents who work full time spend countless hours touring buyers, answering emails, returning phone calls. Those who have good track records and have earned a strong referral base are the Agents to hirer.
Real Estate Agents with several listings are constantly showing property and in communication with Buyers. Experienced agents qualify...

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