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Welfare states provide certain programs that play key roles in the protection and the promotion of the economic and social well-being of its citizens. The idea is that the social programs will create a fair distribution of wealth, equal opportunity for all citizens and the creation of a minimum standard quality of life. Every welfare state has a different idea of how these things are accomplished. Canada and the United States of America are two countries that can be described as welfare states. They both use drastically different ways to achieve similar goals of equality and standard quality of life. When changes to different publically funded programs such as health care in Canada or the creation of publically funded health care in the United States have a large impact on the society. The impact is felt through all social classes from the richest to the poorest. The richest in the United States will see potentially higher taxes to cover health care costs for the poorest, while the poorest of the poor will see for the first time a health care system that allows them to attain the same health care available to the rich of the country. It will be mean that physicians cannot turn away patients because of their poverty and inability to pay for services. It also means that patients will not have to obtain a lifetime of debt to seek medical care after unexpected accidents, or serious illnesses. As it stands before any changes, the United States health care system for many means, their life can be saved, but it will take the rest of their life to pay for it.
No two welfare states, or welfare systems are the same all of them are unique and create a different kind of class system within their societies. They are all run differently, and offer different benefits for different costs to their citizens. All welfare systems in a way create a class system based on who uses the welfare provided and who does, who has access to the social programs in place and who has no access. When one doctor and one patient, in 2005, challenged the Québec Health Insurance Act and the Hospital Insurance Act to allow private health care in Québec they changed the potential of the Canadian universal health care system. President Barack Obama is currently making a very serious attempt to bring a successful universal health care to the United States of America, which will drastically change the lives of Americans, as well as the American welfare system entirely. Interestingly the changes that were fought for in 2005 in Canada would result in creating a gap between people who could afford better health care and the others who could not, yet the changes that President Obama is fighting tooth and nail to create will, if effective narrow the gap between those who have access to health care and those who do not. It seems that some middle ground is trying to be found between the two countries.
In 2005, the supreme court of Canada ruled that the Québec health insurance act and the...

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