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Changes Today’s Society Is Supposedly An Equal Society. However, In

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CHANGES Today?s society is supposedly an equal society. However, in reality, much racism still exists no matter how hard we try to eradicate it from our lives. There is still a think line between white and black societies and the stereotypes are still strong and well-defined. The emergence on rap music in the early 90?s brought about an even stronger stereotype of the black community. The hardcore gangster image of these rappers on television carried over into the minds of white society and is now considered to be the way of life for all black people. One of the greatest rappers of all time, 2Pac Shakur, recognized the racism in today?s society and realized that things are changing. His song ?Changes,? goes through the hardships of racism in the black community. As 2Pac says in his song, ?Things?ll never be the same. That?s just the way it is.? 2Pac?s song ?Changes? has a very upbeat and fast tempo. This style allows him to jump from one problem to another to almost make them seem as one. Each individual example of black life eventually relates to a larger problem in their society as a whole. For example, in the first verse, 2Pac focuses on the idea that blacks in the ghetto constantly steal and ?sling rock? in order to make money. He says that by selling drugs and stealing puts ?one less hungry mouth on the welfare.? All these ideas focus around the poor stricken lifestyle of the ghetto. 2Pac even takes it one step farther and says, ?I?m tired of bein? poor and even worse I?m black.? He says this because the discrimination against the blacks makes it hard for them to beat the odds and rise up against white society. I?m not saying that it can?t be done, I?m just saying that most members of the black community have fell into a rut and accepted the notion that all they will ever be is a gangster.In the second verse of the song, 2Pac deals directly with the idea of discrimination. He pin points the source of discrimination as pure evil. He says, ?Take the evil out the people they?ll be acting right.? Without the presence of evil, both our societies could live together side by side in peace. I believe that 2Pac is not only talking about the black and white communities, but he is talking about the world and it?s fighting nations. He compares the evil of discrimination to that of smoking crack because he believes that in a ?sober? state of mind, people would not discriminate against their own kind. He...

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