Changing Perspective On Looking For Alibrandi.

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Changing Perspective is to transform ones view of something or someone and is a continuous process throughout life. This can be seen in the core text "Looking for Alibrandi" through the characters Josie and Jacob. This isn't shown by John, as he doesn't change his perspective. The related material "Dead Poets Society" and "the Door" also shows the change and no change of perspective.Josie in Looking for Alibrandi changes her perspective of her Father, Nonna and culture. Josie didn't want to meet her father, but when she first met him it all changed. Then she started getting to know him better and their relationship got closer. "But I love Michael Andretti more and more everyday. I love him double to what I did maybe a month ago yet I see his faults now too." When Josie learns more about her Nonna and her past she sees that Nonna had a tough life. Josie doesn't hate her Nonna any more she starts to like her. Josie said Nonna "hadn't lived life the way she thought. She hadn't stuck to rules and regulations." Tomato day and John's Death changed Josie's view of her culture. She thought being Italian was embarrassing and she hated it, but after the two events she starts to see that "you can't hate what you are part of" Josie changes her view of these things as she grows older, this is why changing perspectives is continuous.Jacob in Looking for Alibrandi changes his view of his life. Jacob was secure and knew what he wanted to do with his life. When Jacob starts going out with Josie, she opens up his mind and makes him step outside his circle. Jacob says to Josie "since I met you it's got to me. I'm aware of more things. I need to work things out. Decide what I want out of life." Jacob shows us that as you meet new people they can change your perspective on things.John in Looking for Alibrandi doesn't change his perspective. His father had expectations of him, but he...

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'Looking for Alibrandi' essay. Theme: Family

1136 words - 5 pages Essay question: Family has a strong influence on our lives. It affects the way we view ourselves and those around us. How has family influenced Josephine and what impact does it have?Family is one of our main influences in our lives, although we are not always aware of it. It shapes the people we are and the choices we make in our lives. In the text 'Looking for Alibrandi' by Melina Marchetta, Josephine Alibrandi is seeking to be free from the

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1066 words - 4 pages The novel, Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta, focuses on a 17 year old teenager who has an Italian background called Josephine Alibrandi. Josephine is really two different people at the beginning and the end of the book. In the beginning, Josephine is overdramatic, poised to react to her Italian background and her illegitimacy. At the end of the book, Josephine began to achieve emancipation. She has learnt that she has blown her problems

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1112 words - 4 pages In the novel, Looking for Alibrandi, by "Melina Marchetta we are taken on the journey of Josephine Alibrandi searching for her identity in the world. The story is about maturity, destiny, knowing who you are and making rational decisions. The story is set in Sydney, Australia and covers 12 months in the most crucial stage of Josie's education at the elite St Martha's Catholic Girls School, but also perhaps the most crucial time in her lie so

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1024 words - 4 pages VirginityFrom the ancient times till today virginity in some cultures is very important. Especially in Islamic or catholic countries it's a sign of purity and respectability. Already in Roman Times the Vestal Virgins remained celibate for 30 years on penalty of death and still today during Islamic weddings if the wife doesn't bleed out of her vagina while the wedding night the husband could anul the wedding. Indeed nowadays the situation changed

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630 words - 3 pages Tree focuses mainly on the discovery and overcoming adversity themes while Looking for Alibrandi depends deeply on the combination on all its afore mentioned themes. Although more complicated, Looking for Alibrandi is a lot easier to understand and ultimately read. The pace in Willow Tree and Olive Tree is inconsistent while Looking for Alibrandi is set consistently at a good pace where the plot doesn't drag and isn't too fast for the reader to contemplate.Overall, these two books are amazing journeys made by two amazing young adults. Recommendations go to those who enjoy books in these genres.

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784 words - 3 pages Looking for Alibrandi Reflection journal and reviewCHAPTER 1Her name is Josephine Alibrandi she goes to a rich school called St Martha's where she is in year 12. In this chapter Josephine tells us about her problems at school and at home. At home she has to deal with her mother who is single and her grandmother who always tries to control her life. At the end of the chapter we find out that Josie's father has turned up at Sydney. Michael

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1009 words - 4 pages In the novel "Looking for Alibrandi" by Melina Marchetta, the main character Josie undergoes numerous changes by the end of the text. Throughout the year that the book covers, many events occur that change Josie's personality and attitude towards the world. She matures from being a very stubborn and hot-tempered girl to a more responsible and experienced young woman.When we meet seventeen-year-old Josephine Alibrandi, at the beginning of the

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834 words - 3 pages Personal ResponseTo Looking for AlibrandiThe novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta (1993), is about a young 16 year old girl named Josephine Alibrandi trying to find herself in her final year of high school. It shows high and lows throughout the novel with Josie finding her father and starting a relationship with him, to losing her close friend John Barton from suicide. There are many themes in the novel such as Family, Relationships

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817 words - 3 pages Searching for oneself'Don't you dare call me an ethnic,' I said, furious.'Well, what the hell are you?' (P.123)Looking for Alibrandi is a narrative written by Melina Marchetta, which focuses on the life of Josephine Alibrandi, a seventeen-year-old, who is completing her last year of school at St Martha's and is about to start her HSC (Higher School Certificate). As the title suggests, the story delivers a message to the reader that Josephine is

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936 words - 4 pages In each of us there is an emotional hole, which can only be filled by the presence of a father. The importance of having a father is both recognized and emphasised, in the novel Looking for Alibrandi. This novel explores the ideas of fatherhood, the influence fathers have on their children, and the impact of having a father who is an alcoholic or a high class politician. It also deals with the harsh realities of what the absence of a father can

The novel, Looking for Alibrandi is charged with emotional energy.

703 words - 3 pages LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDIThe novel, Looking for Alibrandi is charged with emotional energy. Firstly, this book is written as both a social and cultural analysis of a teenage girl's life. Secondly, Josephine Alibrandi is a third generation Italian Australian caught in a claustrophobic family tradition who acknowledges the family spirit, insists that she can free herself, even though she sees herself trapped by oppressive class stereotyping.Firstly

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2243 words - 9 pages son' composed by Cat Stevens both internal and external causes of change can be seen.The novel looking for Alibrandi by Melena Marchetta is about Josephine Alibrandi, a Catholic girl, in her final year of High school. As the year progresses Josie alters her perspective on many issues including her culture, family, own identity , and the importance of social standing and wealth. The causes of these changes are internal, external and a combination

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804 words - 3 pages It can be argued that Looking for Alibrandi is very much a novel about change. After all, at its end Josie Alibrandi consents to becoming Josie Andretti. But there are many other things that change in her life. She loses a friend, John Barton, in tragic circumstances, but she also discovers her father. Mysteries about the actual identity of her mother's father are solved, and she develops a greater understanding and love for her grandmother. She

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771 words - 3 pages responsibilities and every teenager has to deal with these issues. Once they pass a certain age different responsibilities have to be dealt with. Taking care of yourself is necessary before you can begin to help others. Most teenagers have to know what they want. In reference to "Looking for Alibrandi" Josephine had trouble taking her responsibilities seriously. Either being a school captain for example, on school sports day Josephine was supposed to look

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795 words - 3 pages experience, are used throughout the novel, which therefore show the story of the 3 generations of women, the way the past impinges on the present demonstrates the effect one generation can have on their descendants but also shows how Josie retains her heritage unlike John who couldn't. The use of catalyst events places the view that change is brought about purely by external events in someone's life.'Looking for Alibrandi' has the closest ideas to my experience of the world. The most obvious one being that I am also seventeen years old, going through my HSC and experiencing emotional changes in my life.The view of 'changing self' presented in this text is mainly positive.