Changing Corporate Culture Essay

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Changing corporate culture
The corporate culture play major roles in the corporate performance. Today, the need for changing corporate culture is increasing in order to respond to the raising competitions and rapid changes in the environment.

According to competing value framework, culture can be classified to four types. Each organization is having combination of these types. These types are shown in the table below.
Flexibility and Discretion

Internal Focus & External Focus
Direction : Collaborate
Leader Type: Team builder
Values divers: Commitment, communication, development
Theory of Effectiveness: HR development and involvement
Direction : Create
Leader Type: ...view middle of the document...

The following steps is needed for changing corporate culture.
Assess the current culture
Define desired culture
Refine required changes to avoid misinterpretation.
Use Stories to exemplify the needed changes.
Develop strategic action plan
Develop Implementation plan

Cameron, Kim S., and Robert E. Quinn.Diagnosing and changing organizational culture: based on the competing values framework. Revised Edition ed. Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley, 1999. Print.

Direction : Create
Leader Type: Entrepreneur
Values divers: Innovation, Agility, output transformation
Theory of Effectiveness: Innovativeness ,vision

External Focus & Differentiation

Direction : Control
Leader Type: Monitor
Values divers: efficiency, timeline, consistency
Theory of Effectiveness: control, efficiency with capable processes
Direction : Compete
Leader Type: producer
Values divers: Market share, profitability
Theory of Effectiveness: customer focus, competing

Stability and Control

Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) is valuable measure to assess current and preferred organizational cultures. OCAI evaluates quantitatively six dimensions of organizational culture over four culture types. Theses dimensions are listed...

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