Changing Lives One Step At A Time

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My goal in life is to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist, in the goal of making people healthier. I love kids so I would also like to narrow my studies on applying the physical therapy activities on children. I always wanted to go into some type of Medical or Health related career field, but I never considered Physical Therapy until I sprained my ankle and had to go myself. I got the chance to learn and observe how much fun they have there and how much they help a person grow mentally and physically. I also want to be the person that can change the patient’s and the family’s lives and can determine if they can go on doing normal things in life. The reasons listed above are all reasons why my goal in life is to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist.
The field of Physical Therapy bloomed after World War I (1914-1918) when wounded soldiers were in great need of such services. Further incentive was provided by World War II (1939-1945), and the epidemic of poliomyelitis in the mid-1950s again brought on great numbers of patients in need of therapy. Physical Therapy started getting more popular during times of war because soldiers who had lost limbs, senses, etc. had to learn how to do things all over again and that’s where the physical therapists would come in a train and help them to overcome and achieve these goals.
As of 2008, there were about 185,000 Physical Therapy jobs in the United States. Even though many people are on the track to becoming a certified physical therapist, the supply of these workers is expected to fall short of the demand.
Physical Therapy jobs are very common inside the actual hospital and in nursing homes. Physical therapists are needed in both places because once out of surgery they need rehabilitation and also they need this when in the nursing homes trying to recover from a traumatic event, etc.. Also, many people work in their own private practices when carrying out the field of physical therapy.
A physical therapists main job is to test a patients abilities and then they have to come up with a unique program that is specifically for that patient. There are many different ways they can incorporate activities or treatments into their personal file. Throughout the treatment process, the physical therapist has to record the progress that the patient makes and they might have to add or remove activities or treatments that are not working.
Some specific treatments that a physical therapy center might offer is massage therapy to improve the muscle conditions. Also there is cold therapy that reduces the swelling and heat therapy that relieve the pain. There is also the physical part where the therapist may set up drills pertaining to the specific part of the body that needs the help. The activities they may do includes using pulleys and weights, parallel bars, inclined surfaces, and bicycles or other workout equipment.
A typical work week for a physical therapist is 40 hours. Most private...

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