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Changing Face Of Sports Journalism Essay

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The Changing Face of Sports Journalism: Twitter Is The New MediumDaniel BolanosThe University of San DiegoThe phenomenon known as Twitter has taken hold of American culture and spread like wild fire in a relatively short amount of time. Twitter is a microblogging service created in 2006 through which it's users sends virtual messages, or "tweets," responding to hot topics such as the president's state of the union address to Justin Bieber's possible deportation. Journalism in particular has been completely revolutionized by tweeting, retweeting, and hashtagging. "Recent research presented at the International World Wide Web Conference in May of 2010 suggested that Twitter's uses have begun to fit the definitions of more traditional media, such as websites, newspapers, television, and radio, rather that of social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook" (Gonsalves, 2010, para. 2). Sports journalism, in particular, seems to have utilized twitter as its new tool in a way that other forms of journalism do not. Twitter has completely changed the game of news cycles and is now the most dangerous component of sports journalism.Sports journalists who have been using traditional methods began asking the question, "If - and how- is this new medium impacting the ancient art of journalism and the way we communicate?" Innis would argue that in today's tech savvy world the way we receive our sports 'news' has affected our consciousness and therefore our social organization. Twitter has certainly emerged as a valuable source for sports journalism due to the number of athletes who maintain active accounts. But the platform has also changed as an equally valuable outlet for these journalists to provide their own content. The medium that is Twitter continues to change the face of sports journalism.Relating to Twitter's usefulness as a source of information, the word most often associated is "immediacy." News generally surfaces on Twitter before it does on blogs, websites, or the newspaper. Not only is the news sent on Twitter more quickly, but it is efficiently organized and presented in such a manner that it is received more quickly, as well. The immediacy part of it, the get-it-now part of it is seminal in how we look at covering things now in ways good and bad. In the good way, you'll literally find out from somebody's Twitter feed whether LeBron James will return in the second half, and everything sports-news-related will show up on Twitter often before it shows up on ESPN or in the newspaper or anywhere... The bad part of it and the you-need-be-careful part of it is that there is no editor. Just as if you were sending an email to a girl that tore your heart out and stomped on it, you'd be sending it emotionally in real time, and months later you probably might regret sending that. But where you were-in that emotional place you were at the time-you said, "Damn it. I'm going to fire this off." That part of it can be dangerous in many ways. It's almost...

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