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Changing From A Disaster Essay

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Linda Duong
Ms. Swinton
21 May 2014
Changing from a Disaster
Four days after leaving from Southampton, England, an iceberg struck the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic’s, also known as the RMS Titanic or Titanic, front hull. Many first and second class passengers couldn’t believe that the “unsinkable” could sink at all and the warning messages to the passengers to put on their life belts and head to the lifeboats. “I didn’t see the need to put on my lifebelt as the ship was said to be unsinkable,” said Margaret Tobin Brown, a first class passenger. While others in the steerage tried to escape the flooding waters but became lost or confused in their attempt to do so. As stated by Maggie Donovan, a steerage passenger , “I quickly became confused by all the passageways and stairs. Other steerage passengers who didn’t speak English were more lost and confused.” The sinking of the RMS Titanic is not as bad as it seems and was one of the most important factors in changing and promoting better life at sea during the early 20th century by establishing the International Ice Patrol, modifying ship designs, and updating and/or adding new safety laws and regulations.
The Titanic was a result from competition between the White Star Line and Cunard. “J. Bruce Ismay and William J. Pirrie ” discussed of building three vessels that were made for both comfort and speed in attempts to beat Cunard’s Mauretania , the fastest ship, and Lusitania , known for its lavishly built rooms and beautiful designs. These three ships were known as the Olympic Class Ocean Liners. The Titanic, the second built of the three, was first built in Belfast, Ireland on March 1909 and was set afloat on May 31, 1911. It left Southampton, England with a little more than 3,100 people on board on April 10, 1912, sailing to its destinations: Cherbourg, France, Queenstown, Ireland, and then to New York, United States.
At 11:35 p.m, April 14, the first sight of an iceberg was spotted a quarter of a mile away. One of the lookouts, William Davies, “rung the bell three times” and then used a telephone to get in contact with the bridge in order to tell them that there’s an iceberg on Titanic’s path. Since the Titanic was approximately 880 feet in length and was going at its top speed, it was difficult to make a hard left without colliding with the iceberg. Five minutes after the spotting of the iceberg, the Titanic collided with it, but the collision was considered insignificant because there was no major indication of the 300 feet damage it had done until it was too late. Captain Smith later commanded his crew to prepare the lifeboats and sent out messages to all on board to evacuate to the lifeboats. The crew assisted people on deck to the lifeboats regardless of their class. Additionally, distress calls of C.Q.D.s were sent out to surrounding ships to come and help the sinking vessel at longitude 41 north and latitudes 50.14 west. Carpathia, the closest ship who received the distress call,...

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