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The title of this interesting short story is called “A Good Man is Hard To Find” by Flannel O'Connor. This is a story about a family and their grandmother that go on a vacation to Florida. A misfit breaks free from prison and is heading for Florida. The family crashes and is encountered by this man and changes dramatically when this non-normal moment occurs. It shows who they really are in a time of conflict. By scrutinizing the words and actions of various characters prior to and during conflict, we can get some sense of his or her true nature. The following essay is an examination of the Grandmother, June Star, and John Wesley.
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After the crash, the grandma lies and says “I believe I injured an organ”(70) she says this so people feel bad for her and its her organ because they can’t check it to tell she is lying. A car starts to pull up and 3 guys jump out one is the misfit, The grandma says “We turned over twice”(76) but she lied, it was only once. She called him out about knowing him and said he was the misfit and he said “It would have been better for all of you, if you hadn't of recognized me”(84). She then uses multiple ways to try and make the misfit leave. One way is Guilt by saying saying “You wouldn't shoot a lady”(87). Another way is by complementing him such as saying “I know you’re a good man, you must come from nice people”(89). The misfit didn't have a shirt on and the grandma said that Bailey might have another shirt that he could use, this is a another to stop him, bribery. The grandma progresses by stop lying and getting serious because of this conflict. She continues to use tactics to get him to stop and now she is starting to try to get him to pray to Jesus. While she was trying to stop him she reached out and touched him and she got shot 3 times. When she is under pressure she goes into a different mode and does things that she wouldn't do if she was just at home, not in a life and death situation.
The daughter June Star is a character that doesn't change much and doesn't care about anything no matter what happens. June Star is a snotty and rude character, like this statement she says to her grandmother “She has to go to everywhere we go”(7). She said this in such a fashion that it sounded mean. She is also a liar without conflict by saying “My hair is naturally curly”(9). And again while in the car ride she is being rude when she agrees with John Wesley. She becomes a very mean and rude person when someone she doesn't know asks her a question. She says “ No, I wouldn't live in a broken down place like this for a million bucks!”(32). She gets excited very easily when the grandma brings up the story about the secret panel in the house. She says “We never seen a house with a secret panel!, Lets go !”(47). June starts to act differently when they crash she starts saying things like “But nobody's killed”(68), And yelling “We've...

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