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The one thing that I would change about myself is my weight. After having three kids I have become obese from not eating healthy and not taking care of myself. When I was in high school I was much smaller than I am now , but 15 years later I have now put on about 140 pounds. This has effected my every day life in so many negative ways. The first reason that I want to lose weight is for my health. The second reason I want to lose weight is for my self-esteem and self-confidence. Lastly, I want to lose weight for my children.
The first reason I would change my weight is because it has a very big effect on my health. I have been diagnosed by my doctor as being very obese. Being obese can effect your health in many ways and my health has been effected by this a lot. This limits me to being able to do certain things. By being overweight it has effected my asthma tremendously and has limited me to being able to do things that I enjoy doing. I can no longer do these things because I run out of breath very quickly and have to keep an inhaler with me no matter where I go. Another thing that I worry about by being overweight is getting diabetes. Diabetes is very widespread throughout my family and this is why I worry about getting it. I also worry about dying at a young age from being overweight because I know that it can effect my heart. I do not want this to happen because I decided to not take care of myself.
Another reason that I want to lose weight is because by being obese it makes my self-confidence and self-esteem very low. I have always had a very low self-esteem and self-confidence. However, since becoming overweight they have become much worse. It makes me think that I am not pretty enough for anyone and that no one deserves someone that looks like me. This makes me become a very depressed person and I end up...

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