Changing Perspectives Create Awakenings Essay

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Seeing things from a different point of view can result in an arousal, revival or an epiphany. This is all influenced by one's experience, age, education and mental maturity. Certain composers have encapsulated this statement perfectly through the use of several techniques. Les Murray in his poem "An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow" uses imagery in his language, whereas Keith D Edwards in his online medical journal article "Death in the emergency department: a not so absolutely ordinary rainbow", uses the metaphor of a 'Ned Kelly suit of armour' to describe what he must go through to protect himself from his job becoming too personal. Oodgeroo in her poem "No More Boomerang" uses a set pattern of rhyme scheme to keep interest throughout the poem but also makes comments on the she has changed her perspective along with her fellow indigenous Australians due to external pressure. This is similar in Mohamed H Khadra's essay "What Price Compassion" published as part of the anthology Stories of Manhood where he uses his personal experience and the motif of compassion to put forward his gained knowledge due to his changing perspectives and attempts to change our point of view. These four composers have all been affected by a change in their perspective which has led to create awakenings.The concept of changing perspectives carries with it the suggestion that we my see things or perceive things from one point of view, but that by looking at different events, people and ideas from different points of view, we may change our perspective on them. The next two composers by representing their own views also attempt to change the responder's perspectives therefore enlightening them. In Oodgeroo's poem "No More Boomerang" the responder is exposed to the loss of the traditional Indigenous culture due to the colonisation of Australia by the British in 1788. Oodgeroo uses synonyms for loss and the past tense to emphasise the taking away of ones freedoms,No more corroboree,Gay dance and din.Now we got movies,And pay to go in. (Lines 5-8)In this stanza Oodgeroo like in the rest of the poem uses a loss of a past freedom and substitutes it with the 'white man' (line 28) alternative. The underlying message however is that Oodgeroo is trying to convince the responder into changing their perspective and awakening to her point of view. It's a David and Goliath story when one man who's point of view has changes and in turn has created an awakening within him to the extent that he will attempt to achieve a change in perspective within a society. This is what Mohamed H Khadra has succeeded in doing in his story "What price compassion", part of the anthology of texts from Stories of Manhood. Mohamed Khadra is a leading Australian surgeon who has recently undergone a major change at a station of his life where he is diagnosed with throat cancer. Khadra aims not only to retell his ordeal as a patient but also submit his personal views on the level of care in public...

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