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Changing Someone /Something Essay

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Just because technology allows us to create/change something or someone Should we? We shouldn’t because people were born the way god wanted them to so why change them. They were made that way for a reason not for us to change them. We are going to have to learn to accept them the way they are whether we like it or not. People we born that way for a reason and am almost positive that that reason is not to change them.
At times Frankenstein wishes he wasn’t born because now that he is different than the rest he has no friends. What makes it worse is his creator won’t make him a wife or a friend. In the story there is a line where he says “if you don’t make me a wife I’ll be at your wedding.” (Shelley)Since you won’t make me a wife I will take yours away and see how you like it. If I where the creature I would be mad and upset because why create something when you won’t want to help ...view middle of the document...

There animals yeah it helps them but there animals we aren’t. Just because the medicine helps them don’t mean it would help us. There animals they have a certain medicine and so do we humans. Sadly I there isn’t a quote on this because I don’t have my article. Do you think animals like being killed for something that isn’t there kind. We wouldn’t like it at all so maybe you should think about how animals feel instead of thinking about what you would feel
We shouldn’t change people because in this story they changed a mouse and a human which isn’t right at all. Reasons why because since Charlie changed and got smarted he lost his job. He gets hurts by people and no one likes him. People treat him different like he is some kind of alien. We shouldn’t change them because what if the experiment doesn’t work what if it killed someone. Just like in the story Algernon dies. People start hating Charlie. The story its self says that Charlie hates Algernon all because he beats him. The quote: “I hate that mouse he always beats me.”(Keyes 188-221) Sad right what changing people can do to people these days. Imagine you change just to be smarter do you think all that smartness will pay off with drama I don’t think so. There is no need to change the way you are cause it will change everything
Over all we shouldn’t change people because it isn’t right. We are all perfect and unique in our own ways. There is no need to change anything about anyone or anything. At the end of the day we all survive. We were born this way for a reason we just don’t know that reason. We are all beautiful/handsome in our own ways. Yeah we have flaws yeah we make mistakes but those flaws are what makes you, you and we learn from our mistakes. So I don’t see the reasons why we need to change anyone or anything. The reason why I say we shouldn’t change because look in Frankenstein it causes drama and in flowers to Algernon people start hating Charlie do you think you would enjoy all this drama and hatred. So all I have to say is DON’T CHANGE FOR NO ONE! You’re AMAZING you don’t need to change at the end of the day life goes on and people get over it.

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