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Changing The Direction Of Depression: Chemical And Non Chemical Treatment For Depression

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Changing the Direction of Depression

Depression has become a chronic illness throughout society. The illness not only is a psychological hazard. The sedentary symptoms create physical infirmity. For many years studies and research have influenced the use of antidepressant medications as treatment for depression. Much money and time has been spent in promoting the ideas of chemically assisted happiness. Yet, a much inexpensive alternative to the treatment of depression is ignored by the medical community. Changes in eating habits, physical activity, like an increase in exercise, and natural supplements have shown a more positive outlook. The possibility of being able to avoid the use of medications and changing lifestyle habits is becoming a more reputable manner of treating the disease.
The lost feelings one endures by being overcome by depression, a sense of longing and misdirection leads those in search of relief to personal physicians and meetings with psychiatric personnel. As one looks towards expelling themselves from the symptoms of depression their reliance and confidence is given to the medical expertise. The suggestions made are to rely on prescription medications to overcome the disability. Since patients are looking for an immediate liberation from the symptoms. The influence for some becomes a crutch. Medications are only a small change, also the side effects can worsen the issues of depression, leading to some being prescribed more medication to differentiate the side effects that are occurring.
Depression can have devastating effects on our mind and body, the activities that we used to enjoy with friends and family. Taking anti-depressants such as Prozac can be a mental and physical roller coaster. There are three problems with the anti-depressant. One of the byproducts of our contemporary isolated life is depression. (Natural Treatment for Clinical Depression) First, they fail to correct the behaviors that contribute to depression, or even show direction towards behavioral modifications, so the disorder recurs.(Natural Treatment for Clinical Depression)
Since behavior implications is one of the common associations with depression. One must learn to change behavior to overcome the illness. It is clear that the case has been constructed around the impact of exercise reducing the risk of physical health problems such as CAD, some cancers, obesity, diabetes, and to a lesser extent musculo-skeletal problems such as low back pain and osteoporosis.(Biddle, Fox, Boutcher) To date, much less attention has been paid to the contribution of exercise to the prevention and treatment of the increasingly burgeoning problem of mental disorders, illnesses, and general mental malaise.(Biddle, Fox, Boutcher) Since the out booming influence of physical exercise to achieve optimal health, the focus has been on the productive effects towards physical health and attention has been overlooked towards the benefit in mental...

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