Changing The World One Life At A Time

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For many years car accidents have been one of the main reasons so many people lost their lives. Statistics show that from 1970 to 2012 fatal car crashes have decreased from 52, 627 crashes to 25,580. That is more than a fifty percent decrease in only a course of forty-three years. Throughout the years, people have managed to save thousands of lives and with the help of modern technology and more people developing interests in bettering our world, we will save thousands of more.
The two main reasons for fatal car crashes happening are mainly because of drunk driving, the speeding coming in a close second percentage wise. Why not try to come up with more efficient ideas to get that number of fatal auto-mobile accidents down to zero. Think of how many lives we could save.
Researchers at the university of Delaware, along with military scientists, have created a liquid body armor technology for military use at war that is light weight, low cost, and flexible, but when a bullet or knife comes in contact with the body suit, the liquid immediately becomes stiff so it prevents injury. The material can withstand weather conditions like heat, rain, snow and it could be reused several times before needing to reapply the liquid. If you could use the liquid body armor for people, why not use it as a coat over cars? When a car comes in contact with another car or larger objects, the whole car becomes stiff so it will not be as fatal and total the car completely. Originally, the liquid is supposed to be used for smaller objects coming in full speed at a larger object. In this case, the liquid body armor would be perfect. Cars are a lot more totaled when they collide with a street pole, tree, or even an animal, like a cow standing in the middle of the street. The reasoning for that is because cars are originally build for collision with large objects of equal or bigger size so when it comes at full speed with a...

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