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During World War I, the views on the idea of a Civil Peace in Germany changed from wanting and accepting it to opposing it. The concept of Civil Peace refers to setting aside prewar conflicts in order to set unite the civilian population in the interest of defending the country. In the beginning of the war, German citizens were excited to go to war. However, as the war dragged on their views changed. The failure of the Schiefflen plan and Germany's new plan of winning the war of attrition caused the people to wonder what they were fighting for. Those who were for Civil Peace brought up points like there will be an end to political parties and only the Germans matter, while those who were ...view middle of the document...

It is important to note that the photo was taken by a German Government News Service, therefore the photographer would be automatically pro German and pro Civil Peace. Oshar Schmitz, in document 5, said that there is “strength in unity.” He means that Germany is stronger together then divided by internal issues, so the only way to win the war would be through Civil Peace. Because Oshar Schmitz is a member of the Pan-German league, you can assume that he is biased towards Civil Peace since it means the unification of Germany in a time of war.
The concept of Civil Peace would have been satisfactory if the war was as momentary as it had been predicted. Since the Napoleonic wars, all wars were prompt, but World War 1 was different. World War 1 dragged on because of trench warfare and the inevitable failure of the Schlieffen plan when Russia marched into Prussia in August 1914. The effects of total war caused shortages and rising prices in the civilian populations for food and various other necessities as those supplies were being shipped out to support the troops. People began to wonder what they were fighting for and why was it more important than feeding their families. Discontent among the peoples spread rampantly and a want for the end of Civil Peace rose in 1915 and 1916.
When faced with the crisis of losing the war, the German people began to become unhappy with the idea of a Civil Peace. A German soldier in the trenches stated that he was disturbed by the news of high food prices and shortages. Furthermore, “turncoats” are exploiting the war in order to line their pockets with gold. He stated that all of this is at “the expense of our women and children.” The soldier is sick of Civil Peace because it is hurting women and children and it in only benefitting the “turncoats.” It is important to note that this came from document 7, which is a quote taken from the National Liberal Party newspaper, Daily Observer, Making the origin of the quote inherently biased against Civil Peace because liberals are for equality while Civil Peace prevents the actions needed for equality....

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