Altering Your Style Of Teaching For Demands Of Different Practice And Competitive Situations

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Altering Your Style of Teaching for Demands of Different Practice and Competitive Situations

Before deciding on one's teaching style, one must view the performer
or team, to establish their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this
the teacher can decide what needs to be taught in using either
command, reciprocal, discovery, or guided discovery styles of
teaching. When choosing which method to use, the leader must decide
what they want to achieve, by using that specific teaching method and
how each type of style is going to affect the team or individual they
are teaching.

Mosston and Ashworth's spectrum of teaching styles is a continuum,
based on who makes the decision about the learning environment.
However when choosing the type of teaching style a number of factors
should be taken into account, for example the nature of the task, the
ability of the performer as well as the personality and experience of
the teacher. The coach or teacher should recognise these factors and
use a variety of styles accordingly to maximise the learning
environment, making it fun and enjoyable when learning. There are
numerous styles which can be put on a spectrum, with the above four
styles being the most common.

The Command style of teaching is where the teacher adopts a more
strict approach when teaching, making all decisions with no feedback
from the group. Those being taught have little social interaction and
have no decisions to make. Benefits are that it ensures the objectives
are clear, routines are established and control is maintained. The
Command style of teaching is useful when instructing large numbers of
beginners who need to learn the basics of a particular skill. However
it does not encourage the learner to take responsibility for their
learning, and makes it difficult for the teacher to provide individual
feedback, thus making it impossible for the leader to cooperate with
the particular needs of each individual.

The Reciprocal style of teaching is when the teacher sets a task which
individuals have to complete in pairs, alternating roles as observer
and performer as they carry out the skill. This gives each individual
more responsibility. However the teacher still retains overall control
and can still monitor the progress of each person, possibly offering
assistance when appropriate. It helps to develop personal and social
skills, evaluation and actual performance, as well as self-confidence
and a greater under-standing of the skill. For example, the teacher
may give the group a greater understanding of the skill by giving a
demonstration, or by providing assistance when they are set. However,
it can also be ineffective if the performers are unable to analyse and
communicate, for example if the individual has no previous
understanding of the skill in hand. An example of where...

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