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Chanku Saves The Village Girls Essay

782 words - 4 pages

One Autumn Chanku and his three friends, Manku the Arms, Manku the

Eyes and Manku the Wind were in their orchard.

Manku the Wind took in a big breath of air and then blew out, knocking

all the apples from the trees.

Manku the Arms then gathered them up and carried them in a big basket

back to their house.

While Manku the Arms was squeezing the juice out of the apples to

make apple jelly, Manku the Eyes ran in.

He had been sitting on a wall watching a pimple on the beak of a bird on

the other side of the valley.

He noticed something terribly wrong in a small village a few miles

"I've been watching a village where all the people are crying.

There are grown-ups and little boys, but I could not see any little girls at

"Then we must go and help them," said Chanku and they left the apple

jelly for another day.

Manku the Eyes led them towards the village.

The people there were poor and their clothes were raggedy and not

Chanku asked them what was wrong.

They said: "Two men with black beards came here yesterday.

They gave sweets to all the little girls, then they asked them to go with

them in their lovely carriage.

No one here has a carriage like that so all the little girls went.

We waited and waited but they did not come back!"

"Don't worry" Chanku told the village people, "we will find the girls and

bring them back here."

This gave them hope.

Manku the Eyes could see some faint tracks in the grass and he led the

others in the right direction.

Then Manku the Eyes stopped and said,

"I see a big house surrounded by a moat and the girls are locked up

inside, working.

The two men with the black beards are using them as slaves!"

When they got near the big house Manku the Arms went to a wood and

pulled up ten tall trees with his hands.

He removed the branches and tied the trees together to make a bridge.

Using this, they were able to cross the moat and get to the front door of

the big house.

Manku the Eyes then told the others "One of the men has a pot of hot oil

on the roof,...


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