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Chaos In The Castle Essay

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Amy! Princess Elsa and Princess Anna’s good friend Amy came to visit on a hot sunny day at Arindale. They played in the garden, made crafts, and sang songs. The king and queen would often play hide and seek with them. They had a good and cheerful life, spending time with their kingdom and having banquets. If someone needed help, everyone will always volunteer, and will always help. The castle had many riches and goods, but never had anyone been jealous or thieves. “Tomorrow will be the banquet for Elsa’s birthday, we will open the gates and be free,” said King James. Elsa was very excited for her 20th birthday, and was looking forward to tour the kingdom. “Come on Elsa!” Anna screamed excitedly. Elsa and Anna was about to choose their new dresses, when suddenly Elsa saw a black shadow creep up on the window. It was a very dark and slim shadow, with some sort of hammer shaped tool sticking out. Elsa was too excited to get her new dress, and did not pay attention to it. The next morning will be Elsa’s birthday banquet!
Bright and early at seven in the morning, Queen Maria woke up and found that the crown for Princess Elsa is missing. The glass case that stored the crown is smashed, and all that was left in the case is a soft red pillow. King James was very curious of why anyone from his beloved kingdom would steal the crown. Half of the guards went out to search for clues and the other half stayed in to help. The King said that the gates would not be opened today because of what has happened. James and Maria were very worried because they need the crown for Elsa’s coronation, but cannot host the banquet until they have the crown for her to become the next queen. King James was thinking for hours of why someone would do this. Perhaps the thief wanted to stop Elsa’s coronation, or maybe not want to her become the queen!
While the guards were searching for searching for clues, Elsa was walking down the hall feeling very sad and depressed. As she was walked, she looked up and saw a mysterious black shadow again. Once again, she didn’t care and went on. The shadow starred at her, and then disappeared. All day, the King, Queen, and guards searched for clues and possible ways that the thief got in the castle. They had found no clues at all, and will keep on searching the next day. Anna couldn’t sleep because she was thinking of how miserable her sister and the kingdom is. She wants to help to solve the mystery, and fast. Anna got out of her bed and sneaked out into the hall. It was very dark and everyone was fast asleep. She couldn’t see anything, but went on. Anna stood at the window where some light would let her see where she is. Suddenly, she saw a slim dark shadow swiftly go into Elsa’s room. Anna got so scared that she couldn’t face the shadow. All she could do is hide in the dark corner and watch so she could tell her parents later. After about two minutes, the thief came out holding a body. A KIDNAPPER! Anna knew it was Elsa, so she slowly...

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