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What is a successful marriage? One where your spouse share the same views, opinions, background, and interests? Is a successful relation based upon how much one has in common with their spouse to the point of being twins? Or is it to portray the types of couples in the cartoons that speak and move in unison? Based upon keen observation, the similarities dim a relationship, dullness interests, and portrays a couple to be more of siblings, rather than a husband and wife. Instead of the humdrum relationship filled with familiarities, one couple could pique anyone’s curiosity and served as a joyous form of entertainment for ages on end. Never before has a quiet man with a serious disposition and boy like attitude been paired up with a boisterously bold, short, woman filled with moxie and still seem to live together in a chaotic harmony. As contradictory as that is, the intriguing couple’s personalities are in fact juxtapose of each other, yet has underlining similarities which moves these two opposites to attract, regardless of them coming from two different ways of life.
He was one of your typical jocks. Mark Antenucci played as center guard for his high school's football team, as well as being popular throughout school, strived in music as a drummer, and also managed to excel in art. Born on the East coast he was raised in a middle class family with three other siblings. After high school, Mark proceeded to study medicine in college, but a lack of study skills in high school provided to be a challenge to maintain straight A's in college. Short;y after his college graduation, he moved from the East and started his new life in New Mexico.
In contrast, Cristina Esquivel came from a life very much contrapositive to his childhood. She is a first generation American born in New Mexico to a lower classed family. With her parents gone, Cristina was often left in charge of taking care of her siblings, raising the three in absence of her parents. By age 14 she took her first job to help pay for the family bills and because of this, school was set on the back burners and not highly prioritized. Being quiet and fluent only in Spanish, she would often find herself harassed by other students at school to the point of getting in physical fights. Throughout high school, the situations only escalated. On top of her childhood cut short, she also had a long lasting battle with depression, a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. (Mayo Clinic) Yet, through her work ethic and moral standards, she prevailed...

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