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'You can't all be the scale of C.' Carmen argued with the Sounds who wanted to leave first, before the bees arrived. 'Look, you've got a sharp sign in your hand. You've got a flat sign. Dear me.'

'Are you ready Carmen?' yelled Fiona. 'Send over the C scale.'

'Yes, just about.' Carmen sent the first scale across the room.

Fiona waved to Lewis. 'Press the red button. Then stand back.'

A screen lit up next to the big red button showing a network of pathways. A door opened to the right of the screen, a bullet like capsule waited.

'Edith, open the door, get the scale of C inside then strike the green button. Lewis set the destination to the pool.'

Lewis search the list of names and numbers, 'Found it, the code for the Pool is 27.'

'Go with the scale of C Lewis. Edith will send the scale of G down next. I'm not sure what you'll find there but it's better than being up here.' Fiona blew a kiss across the crowded room to Lewis. 'Take care. When you're there get in the bright yellow ducks.'

Of all the brilliant ideas Fiona conjured up that day, sending the Sounds to the pool was the best. Getting in the bright yellow ducks was pure genius.

Lewis arrived at the pool in next to no time, he opened the container from inside the pneumatic tube. 'Quick, everyone climb out and get inside one of those plastic yellow ducks. Clyde don't untie the ropes until we're all here.'

'Will do.' Clyde replied. 'Don't forget to send back the bullet.'

Arrows pointing up showed the destination from the pool, other arrows facing down announced the arrival of more scales. Lewis ran from one to the next, opening and closing doors.

Barry pointed the scales to where their yellow duck waited. 'Scale of G, duck second on the left.'

Cary slammed the bullet doors shut after Lewis emptied the musical content.

Fiona jumped in with the scale of F. Carmen raced with Cary to climb aboard the C duck. Lewis ran along the row of ducks slamming the plastic doors, releasing the restraining ropes.

Edith called out. 'Lewis get in here, hurry we have to leave.'

Ting, Flakey and Elizabeth reached the roof of the town hall in Middleseton in time to watch the four autocopters demolish the upper floors of the hotel, including the ballroom and the gold plated executive suite. They didn't know about the beautiful instruments flung high in the explosions that followed, nor the memories of the good times that danced the evenings away with the guests. Flakey closed his eyes the moment the proud building shuddered in the dark black sky then began a slow collapsed in on itself sending up a cloud of dust that met with, and passed the flag pole coming down the other way.

'It's gone, hasn't it?' Flakey sobbed. 'I know it has.'

'The water's rising.' Elizabeth pointed to the swell rippling around the debris piled above the hotels foundations.

Swollen water began to move in a gigantic ripple motion away from the disaster-struck building. Waves began to speed towards the banks of the recently...

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Chapter 1 Essay

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Chapter 1 Essay

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