Green And Troup View On Gender In Society And Culture

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Gender, what is the exact meaning of this world in society. When people speak of gender in their conversation, it is most likely a way to distinguish if one’s a male or female. According to Merriam-Webster, gender is describe as a state of being male or female. The importance of the definition offered by Merriam-Webster is the part, “state of being.” Anyone in their own culture/society can define themselves as male or female, with no influence from biological parts. Gender issues have developed into a controversial topic but how did gender history come about? The topic of gender in historical terms could not have started without women, who were discontent about their representation in history, which were none. Green and Troup organized their chapter about Gender History into 4 different topic, explaining the significance of gender in history and analyzing problems in certain research methods.
Even though gender is a big issue, Green and Troup focuses on women influences on the creation of gender history. The point stressed in this chapter is, without women’s discontent and almost zero representation in history, gender history would have never existed, in this case women history. Before elaborating on women history, Green and Troup explained gender is a set of cultural behaviors established for the sexes in a given society. The definition gives way to how gender is used to explain the feminist analysis in history.
Majority of early historians started to research about the life and social class of women in the past and sometimes based on stories of famous female figures. Western ideology historians started to developed new method of describing past female life. Many lean toward the side of Marxist history, which look at the different classes of women in society to gain perspectives of the difference of lifestyles and problems. This method of researching women in history by early gender historian posed a problem. Early gender historian developed their topic and research based on the notion of all women were essentially the same, middle class. This kind of method clearly ignores the hardships of African Americans.
Gender historians started to develop more methods of studying women history by including variety of factor, which impacted women treatment and role in society. Early historians purely focused on middle class women, with a mentality of every women’s social class were nearly identical. Now historian are including all the necessary factors to form a more persuasive and detail stories about women. An example would be Margret...

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