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Chapter 11 12 Essay

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The last three chapters deal with social issues and policies within in the family. Chapter thirteen central issues are stress and violence. It reviews the stressor and crisis-provoking event and includes any situation where a threat is present. It can occur from sources whom are in the family and outside the family. The ABCX model refers to some event of stress. The consequences of the events are likely to differ depending on the source. The formula for the model is A + (B+C) =X. The A is the event interacts with B the family’s crisis-meeting resources which interacts with C. The C is the meaning or definition the family makes of the event to produce X which is the crisis. The consequences ...view middle of the document...

It reflects in their value system. The crisis proneness is a function of both a deficiency in family organization resources. Lastly the X is the crisis in which the family is handling.
Abuse and violence are common stressor events in many marriages and intimate relationships. Family violence is any act carried out with the intention of causing physical harm to legally related individuals. It can be rape, spanking a child, or murdering a spouse. You have a greater chance of being killed in your own homes. Violence takes place in all cultures. Levinson found out that hunter gathers rarely mistreated their children. They were overreprested among societies without family violence. Family violence is more common in societies in which men control women’s lives. Family violence has many myths which tend to attribute to deviants within society. One myth states alcohol and drugs are the real causes of violence in the home. Alcohol and drugs are not the primary cause of domestic violence. Another myth states that children who are abused grow up to be abusers. The in fact in not true for all cases. Some do grow up to be abusive adults. The cause of family violence has been studied through different theories. The textbook states that feminist scholars argue that domestic violence is rooted in gender and power. It represents men active attempts to maintain dominance and control over women. There are theories which discuss reason for family violence. The structural-cultural theory looks at structurally induced economic problems. It points out black-on-black crime and crime against women is more common. This is because of their socioeconomic status the black men feel like they are unfit. This causes them to take part in illegal behaviors.
Straus and Smith have five social factors which cover social practice. The interfamily conflict states that male dominance in family and society is forced. It is the key resource for males due to some characteristics which contribute to love among family members. These same characteristics can also cause conflict. Cultural norms such as a parent being able to spank a child was discussed. It is looked at a discipline but can also be taken too far. Children early and continuing experiences with violence provides sometimes continue experiences with violence. The pervasiveness of violence in society is socially legitimate violence. It includes physical punishment by teachers and force by police. Violence is transmitted across generations. Violence is sometimes geared toward children and women. Spanking children is called corporal punishment and is a form of discipline. Violence toward children is found in all social classes. It is more serve in households at or below the poverty line. The chance of severe violence was found to be 46% higher among poverty level households. Unemployment increases child abuse.
Abuse can be more than just physical it can be sexual. Sexual abuse can be force, manipulation, or coercion. Children...

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