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Chapter 11 Assignment

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Depression: Out of the Shadows #1-17
Depression: Out of the Shadows (2008), is a PBS documentary addressing depression, its effects on the human psyche, and treatment options. Depression affects people differently, depending on the severity and type of depression experienced. There are several different types of depression, ranging from mild depression, which is only experienced over short periods of time, teen depression, experienced during adolescence, hidden depression, when the depression is hidden from others, postpartum depression, experienced after giving birth, and clinical depression, a continued depression lasting several weeks or more. The video also discusses the related illness ...view middle of the document...

Depression is largely a product of a person’s environment, with only one-third of the risk of developing depression coming from genetics (PBS).
Anxiety Disorders
The video, Anxiety Disorders (2011) by Matt Mclean, addresses the different types of anxiety disorders, and the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for them. Several types of anxiety disorders are discussed in this film. General anxiety disorder is described as a constant feeling of worry and fear for at least six months. A person suffering from general anxiety may experience panic attacks, cold sweats, heavy breathing, and may withdraw from social interactions. It is regularly treated with medications and cognitive behavior therapy, which is a psychotherapy that focuses on helping patients understand the feelings they are experiencing and how those feelings may be contributing to their issue. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is another anxiety disorder discussed in this film. People develop PTSD after experiencing an emotional shock or major trauma. Someone with PTSD may have issues sleeping and controlling their anger; they may experience feelings of detachment, numbness, and may have flashbacks of the traumatic experience causing their PTSD. Like general anxiety disorder, PTSD patients are often treated with medication and cognitive behavior therapy. Recently a new therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, has been used in PTSD patients. This therapy requires the patient to rapidly move their eyes while recalling the traumatic experience. The third type of anxiety disorder discussed in this film is obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD. OCD is described as having obsessive thoughts which cause a person to suffer from repetitive and compulsive actions. An example of OCD is when someone obsessively washes their hands or continuously checks the locks. Closely related to OCD is a specific phobia. Specific phobias are when a person suffers from fear of a specific situation or object, such as, claustrophobia, the fear of close places, mysophobia, the fear of dirt and germs, and phobophobia, the fear of phobias. Exposure therapy is the leading treatment for OCD and specific phobias. In exposure therapy, patients are slowly exposed to the object they fear. This slowly...

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