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Chapter 12 Essay

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Noami hugged a white plush doll that was given to her by Ichigo's younger sister. Her hair was tied in low pig tails, both loosely tied. Sighing, she gently placed the doll aside."Ichigo-chan? Mind if I borrow your kitchen?" Noami called out, crossing her fingers as she hoped that Ichigo could hear her.

"Eh, be my guest Noami-chan!"Ichigo called back from the dining room where she is enjoying sweets along with her family.

Noami bounced happily down in the kitchen, bowing as she passed the dining room. Upon reaching the kitchen, she pulled on a apron before pulling out the basic ingredient.

Eggs, butter, wheat flour, milk, fresh cream, sugar, vanilla essence, and water.

Where are they? They are currently at Ichigo grandmother's pastry shop, which is ran by Ichigo's uncle.

Starting with the sponge dough, Noami cracked open a egg. And under Eclair's supervising stare and being assisted by Ichigo halfway through, hours later, Noami twirled out of the kitchen with a cake covered with strawberries.

Ichigo's mouth waterdc as Noami laughed. Setting the cake down in front of her, she handdd Ichigo a knife and helped Ichigo's mom collect a few plates and forks, exchanging words as they do.

As Ichigo's sister ate, she also decided she wish to bake a cake as well, so she and Ichigo along with their uncle towards the kitchen.

While out in the dining room, Ichigo's parent choose this time to speak with Noami, asking about their daughter.

"Is Ichigo-chan doing a good job in class? Is she dropping ingredients all over the place?"

Upon being reassured by Noami that, no, Ichigo is actually a fine job at St. Marie, Ichigo's parent smiled in relief. "Then that's good. We were worried that with Ichigo's clumsiness, she won't be able to fit in."

Noami smiled, but inside, she contemplated that should she tell the two about Ichigo's first few days? Deciding against it, she focused on te parents words.

"Ichigo-chan is very important to us, and we thank you for being there for her. Even coming out here with her.."

Noami shook her head, "No, I should thank you for sending Ichigo-chan, and allowing me to befriend her. She's a very nice person.."

Somewhere, in the back of her brain, a snide voice snickered. "Just like Rima."

The smile of Noami's...

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