Chapter 12: Managing Business Knowledge Essay

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Chapter 12 generally discusses the various processes that assist in managing business knowledge. The author of this chapter demonstrates clearly to the readers how knowledge management is closely related to information systems in three unique ways. The author also gives a clear explanation on why data, knowledge, and information should not in any way be viewed as interchangeable in any way. According to this chapter, knowledge is considered to be more valuable as compared to information that is more valuable as compared data due to the level of human contribution that is involved. The chapter on “managing business knowledge” elaborates on the two forms of knowledge that ...view middle of the document...

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The topic on “why manage knowledge” is quite important to the reader (Pearlson and Carol, 352). Although the aspect on knowledge has always been critical to the overall success of organizations, it is presumed that the natural and informal flow of knowledge is sufficient to meet the various organizational needs and there was no explicit effort to manage knowledge in organizations. However, the topic demonstrates the need to learn about the value chain, and helps the reader to gain some knowledge on diverse topics such as handling raw material, operations and manufacturing, sales and marketing, human resources, firm infrastructure, product distribution, as well as purchasing processes. The topic on managing knowledge is quite important to the reader as it provides a deep insight as to why information and knowledge remain the main basis for competition.
The topic on “knowledge management processes” is also quite relevant to the reader (Pearlson and Carol, 356). The topic highlights some of the four main...

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