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Chapter 12 The Golden Rule Essay

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Before educators can even discuss how they would teach empathy to their students, we must parse understand what the word empathy actually needs. The word empathy basically deals with our feelings and emotions. That's what it means to me anyway. Empathy must first be taught to the bystander who may actually be witnessing a victim being bullied by another student. We must teach students that it is okay to let an adult know when they are witnessing bullying. When students are being bullied they are actually being hurt emotionally you see, you don't actually have to do physical harm to a person in order to hurt them. I must say that from studying this course certain aspects are starting to fall together in an undeniable bond. For example, students must understand that tattling is not the same thing as being a whistleblower which is an adult term we like to say informing the authorities.

The educator must establish an environment in their classrooms which will make it easier for the innocent bystander to alert the educator of wrongdoing or bullying being displayed in the classroom. This can be equated to a kind of neighborhood watch program that goes on in various neighborhoods across our nation. The neighborhood watch program works in a way that allows the people on patrol to alert the police anonymously this helps to protect the person witnessing the crime from becoming a victim him or herself. This also provides a level of being anonymous so that the person reporting the crime can feel at ease. The same thing needs to be taught to the students in your classroom. They need to feel that they can come to you and tell you something anonymously without them becoming victims themselves of bullying. Once this has been established in your classroom students who witnessed such acts will voluntarily and freely come and inform you of anything happening that is...

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