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Chapter 13 Essay

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Noami felt paranoid. Was it just her or was she being watched?

"Noami-chan?" Hanabusa asked, looking up from the candy he was working on, "Is something wrong? You've been looking around for the past few minutes. So much you didn't even notice that you are spilling the batter."



By then, all of Team A attention was turned onto the female who seem to be looking left and right before sighing.


Kashino's voice made her head to snapped up. "H-hai?" She gave them a small smile before returning to her bowl, sadden to see one-fourth of the batter was on her apron.

"What's wrong?"

She sighed, looking back up. Rubbing her arms, she cast another wary glance around. "I feel like I'm being watched all morning. This morning I felt someone.... no a group of people following me, but when I turn around, tere was nobody."

Kashino scoffed, "You're just being paranoid."

"True. But I can't help but feel...." Noami trailed off as she sighed again.

Ichigo turned towards her female friend, fire blazing her her eyes. "Then! I shall help you!"

Noami gave Ichigo a grateful smile, "Thanks, but I think Kashino is right. I'm just too paranoid, and probably thinking too much into this.."


"Baka. She says she's in fine so leave her alone." Kashino cuted in. "And you added salt, not sugar."


As Team A watched Noami walked away, they immediately starts talking amongst themselves, lowering their voice a whole octave as they whispered.

"We need to get under this!"

Kashino sent Ichigo a annoyed look, "Why should we?"

Hanabusa flipped his hair, "If this continues, Noami-chan might be like Ichigo-chan! Tripping over nothing!"

"Yes! Wait..what?!"

Andou chuckled, "Yes. Noami-chan was acting strange all day, and did anyone noticed that she actually did the same mistake Ichigo-chan made? Salt instead of sugar.."

Nodding, Hanabusa turned expectantly at Kashino, who growled out an answer. "Fine."

Hanabusa smiled, "Let's start tomorrow morning. Ichigo-chan, you are her roommate. Accompany her while we check for any other abnormal occurences."


Ichigo walked behind Noami, decked with a pair of large black sunglasses and a...

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