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Chapter 17: Goodbye Essay

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2 months later:

Sharon went back after a 15 day stay and she also won the best female singer of The Battle though her band didn’t win the competition. Sharon decided to let Jake go off her mind, she is strong girl and I’m glad she decided to leave; he doesn’t deserve her at all. Justin was back to normal, writing, recording songs, working in the studio all time. Trust me, he is very hard working. Well, about me and Justin are having a perfect life. Our plan is working very well, after attending the university; he picks me up then we both hangout for one hour everyday then he drops me to the hostel and go back to our boring lives.

Justin called me and asked me to meet him at the bakery ...view middle of the document...

“No. its okay I have been feeling the same about your archeologist course”

“What do you mean?”

“I know after you finish with your university, you will also be visiting places a lot.”

“How did you know that?”

“Internet” he said and put his arm around my waist pulling me closer and kissed my forehead.

It was hard for both of us, our life together just started and now we’ll be far away from each other. Everybody says long distance relationships don’t work and I’m scared. What if this one year bring difficulties for us to survive in our relationship? I wasn’t sure. All I need is him. I was at such a position in love where there was no escape, he meant everything to me. When he is happy, I feel his happiness. When he cries, I could feel tear drops in my eyes. When he gets hurt, I could feel that pain in my heart. For sure, I had found my true love but I still had insecurities about him finding his true love. Does he love me the same way I do? I wasn’t sure. I had fallen too hard for him. He was the only person I had ever been so close with. But my Aunt always said: “Don’t get too close to anybody, in the end it always hurts.” if this proved to be true, I just don’t know if I would be existing.

After our conversation in the bakery we decided to visit the outskirts of the city were it was quiet and we could have ‘our time’. I started reading a book...

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