Chapter 2, Ten Years Later. Essay

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Madison Berry, currently fourteen years of age, sleeps. She is a late raiser and on a summer day, such as today, there is a numerous possibility she will sleep to noon. That is, of course if a unlikely occurrence happens. Such as an asteroid crashing into her bedroom, a terrorized attack on her house, and a hungry tiger being released into room. Everything else she shall not be bothered with. She would just sleep through it all. Everything, that is, besides her Aunt Mona waking her.

"MADISON COURTNEY BERRY! I have already called you three times. Do not make me come up there!" Mona yells from down stairs.

"What?" Madison says, quickly sitting up. In the process she bumps her head on the headboard. "Ow!" Madison exclaims, rubbing her injured head.

"Madison, get dressed. We have company. I won't ask you again," Mona orders.

"Company?" Madison wonders. What kind of wretched people will come over at this time in the morning? Why, it's only...Madison glances at her alarm clock, 11:36. Never mind.

"I'll be down in ten minutes," Madison calls back to her aunt.

"You better be," her aunt calls back.

Yawning, Madison sits up and swings her feet onto the soft purple carpet. She stretches her arms over her head and yawns again.

She shifts through her dresser drawers for an outfit that matches. That is her only goal for this morning. She finds a yellow tank top and blue jean shorts that comes to four inches above her knees. She has given up on her hair a long time ago and pulls a yellow and blue striped headband through her long, brown, spiral curls. She puts a final layer of foundation on her face then walks downstairs.

On the couch is a women in her mid thirties. She has coco colored skin and brown spiral curls. Her brown eyes lighten with joy when she sees Madison. For some reason she is...

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