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Rosalina LimonesMs. Reinheimer; IS English 2, Period 17 October 2013Word Count: 800The Three LocationsIn the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of British boys crash-land on a deserted island without any grownups. Their first priority is to have fun, but soon they find out that nobody knows where they are. As soon as they gather, the boys have a meeting to discuss a plan to be rescued. Golding graphically demonstrates the boys' continuous descent into savagery through symbolic locations on the island, particularly the assembly platform, the mountain, and the beach.When the boys meet at the assembly platform both good and bad things are discussed. "Here the beach was interrupted abruptly by the square motif of landscape; a great platform of pink granite trust up uncompromisingly through forest and terrace and sand and lagoon to make a raised jetty four feet high," (Golding 12). This gives the reader a visual of the meeting place so throughout the book they can grasp what is going on. When time goes on they have more meetings to discuss everything. "He turned then walked back towards the platform with the sun in his face. The time had come for the assembly and as he walked into the concealing splendors of the sun light he went carefully over the points of his speech. There must be no, mistake about this assembly, no chasing imaginary… He lost himself in a maze of thoughts that were rendered vague by his lack of words to express them, (Golding 76). Ralph is coming up with a speech and this represents order, because they are about to have a meeting. He is standing up and revealing what problems they need to solve.The mountain is important to the boys' survival and rescue because Ralph has an idea to make a fire on the mountain for the smoke to be seen by a ship. "'There's another thing. We can help them to find us. If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire,'" (Golding 38). The mountain is used for the fire. The boys' are also helping to try to get rescued instead of just letting the people find them. "The figure fell and crumpled among the blue flowers of the mountain side, but now there...

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