Chapter 3: A Culture Full Mutt. Essay

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By Lee A. ZitoSix PM. The night starts off with a loud and clear yell from my mom."LEE ANGELICA!!!""WHAT!!!""DINNER!!!""OOOOOOOOOOOKAAAAY!!!""HURRY UP!!!""FINE!!!""STOP YELLING!!!"People might honestly think this is crazy, but sometimes I think I hear my mom yellin' at me, and I yell back, but she never called me in the first place... Ok so I'm nuts and you know it. It could be my parental paranoia. Ever since school got serious, like in the seventh grade, I've developed this parental paranoia. That any second of the day, they would find out I didn't do my homework, or that I misbehave in class, or something along those lines.It would all start with that yell, "LEE ANGELICA!"Til this day, if my mom calls me like that, I start wondering, "Great, what did I do now?"I sat down at the dinner table, next to Little Memster. She's the youngest of us four. Super hero power: Big puppy dog eyes that can get her anything she wants. A kid after my own heart really. I think she's observed me well, which can be very useful, but very dangerous. The twins were staring at each other, mentally communicating, then laughing out loud."Cut it out, you two." Dad says and at once they stop and look at something else to keep from laughing some more. Secretly I know Dad finds all of our antics funny, but rarely laughs to show he thinks you're funny. It's an unspoken challenge the whole house participates in, "See Who Can Make Dad Laugh". I am the unspoken champion if I do say so myself.Katie turns to my Mom and asks, "What are we havin' tonight? I'm starving!"Which kind of sounds like an opening line to a musical number. Instead of everyone...

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1112 words - 4 pages negative way; however, these two pieces alone, brought about the greatest amount of controversy. In 1917, Marcel Duchamp submitted his urinal, the Fountain, to the American Society of Independent Artists . The urinal was taken from J. L. Mott Iron Works in New York City, rotated ninety degrees and signed “R. Mutt.” The name “R. Mutt” was an alias he created to sign the piece. “R” stands for Richard was slang for a rich man, and “Mutt” refers to a

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1286 words - 5 pages produced many of these “readymades,” but it his readymade entitled Fountain that we will be discussing here. Duchamp’s Fountain originated from a urinal that he with two other friends purchased from a plumber, took to his studio, and turned it on its backside. He painted the pseudonym “R. Mutt” on it, and submitted it to the Society of Independent Artists in an exhibition. Duchamp took an everyday item and submitted it as art. His Fountain was a

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