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Chapter 3 Methodology Essay

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This chapter provides an analysis of the procedures that were used in conducting the study.the procedures used are outlined in the following order:¬(a)Research approach, (b) research design, (c) data collection, (d) data analysis, (e) validity and (f) ethical considerations.
Research approach
Qualitative and inductive approach was used to record and analyse data on the various variables that explain the perceived leadership styles and the level of satisfaction they yield.these approaches were necessary as the study focused in understanding human behavior,beliefs and their emotions about leadership and satisfaction levels.
Research design
Monkey survey was utilized in obtaining relevant data related to the study.monkey survey is an online site that provides an avenue to conduct surveys through questionnaires..survey was the most appropriate method to collect data that are descriptive in nature(Petti,1993) is used in individual analysis and measuring personal and social attitudes,beliefs and facts(Rossie & Freeman, 1993,Babbie,1983,Kerlinger,1986).this study sought to verify certain facts about the structure of leadership and its impact.
This research design was appropriate for data collection from large number of people within a given short time.the method also proved to be costa effective and efficient as compared to other forms of data collection criteria such as observations and interviews.

Data collection
This study solely relied on MonkeySurvey online site to obtain all the relevant data required in its February 2014,electronic mails were randomly sent to employees from Office Holdings,a company that operates the “Office” chain of shoe shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland using MonkeySurvey.the survey was sent to all employees except the stores manager.the various respondents surveyed were the assistant manager,supervisor,sales assistant,stockroom manager,stockroom assistant and cashier.
the mail contained an introductory letter to the respondents explaining the intended purpose of the research and a direct link to the MonkeySurvey website where the respondents give their opinion about the research study.the introductory letter also provided clear guidelines on how to access the website and the assurance of confidenfiality of their opinions.
even though it took long time to get feedback on the research study,l had an upper hand in collecting the relevant data as l worked for the company.l was able seek permission from the managers of Stratford City and Oxford Street order to get the most out of the survey,the respondents that had delayed in their reponses were sent reminder mails.after two months of active participation by respondents a return rate of more than 50% was obtained for data analysis(Kerlinger,1986)
data analysis
the research focused on two areas.first,what are the perceived leadership characteristics of store managers of the two branches from Office Holdings?secondly,is there relationship...

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