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Chapter 4 Destiny Essay

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"Hey Drake over here bro. Looks like its just me and you right now." I wonder why its taking Kyle and Cori so long to get here.
"So Zach look over to the manager. She is pretty good loooking don't you think. Oh wait thats not how you think. Your so wierd bro. Like i don't even understand that you don't think like that."
Drake kept going on about her but i didn't listen. I was trying to focus on are next match. We were playing the same team which didn't make sense at all. I might just bench Kyle so he doesn't ruin it this time.
"Drake and Zach. Of course you to are the first to show up. "
"Speak of the devil. Cori showed up last. That never happens. Oh well."
"Yeah sorry internet was a ...view middle of the document...

You can occupy the commander slot." I hope she says yes. Then we would have the best team ever.
"Sure I'd love to. Here ummm Josh I'm taking my lunch break now."
"But im schedualed for my lunch first today."
Then the girl just started at him and he backed down. It was as if she was the devil and he was worried he would be dragged to hell and back if he didn't.
"Ok welcome to the..... Whats that." Drake said. "It feels like a TREMOR!"
I woke up surrounded by my team on the floor. Kyle was gone no doubt about that. "Hey Drake wake up."
"Huh what i wasn't asleep. Sorry Mr.Parken." It was clear that he was confused.
"Dude just wake her up meet me out side."
As i rushed outside i noticed something incredibly strange. Everyone was pixelating. Then they were gone. "DRAKE GET OUT HERE NOW!" I ran around, but couldn't fin Kyle anywhere.
"Zach I'm here whats going on." Drake was holding the girl up. She was either dead or knocked out, but we didn't have time to check.
"I don't know. Something is not..." We were transported up. We beamed through a spiral of colors and code. It was like the Matrix, but rainbow edition.
"Drake look at your arms! Your in your battle suit." I was so supprised. The only problem was that I wasn't in mine.
"Oh my god. The girl is in hers as well. Its got a computer on it. Holy crap dude thats why she is so smart. She is a hacker." Drake figured it out. He just didnt know that that was a class type in the game.
"Hey this is the same street that we were on. I... I think were in the game."
"DUDE AWESOME! Were super soldiers now. We can do anything."
Then out of no where came that familllar running sound I came to know and love.
"Listen it's Cori. I can hear her running." I was so happy.
"Hey guys. Do you know where Kyle is. Oh look at that. She is pretty you were right Drake." Cori was about to get on my nerves.
"Cori! Not helping."
"Well she is pretty distracting." Then the funniest thing ever happened. The girl slapped Drake.
"Ouch hey she was the one making the comment." Drake said unhappily.
"Becuase its not nice to hit a girl. And I...

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